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The most efficient and effective method of controlling condensation is to provide natural roofspace ventilation and to mechanically extract high levels of water vapour at the source. The Sandtoft range of ventilation products provides cost effective and discrete roofspace ventilation. Products include eaves ventilators, concealed ventilators, ridge ventilators, abutment ventilators and gas ridge vent terminals.

Sandtoft Ventilation: Eaves

Eaves Ventilation

Designed as a complete and comprehensive solution

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Sandtoft Rollvent


The Sandtoft Rollvent top abutment ventilation system provides a neat and discrete way of ventilating the roof space at a top abutment.

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Sandtoft Ridge Ventilator

Ridge Ventilators

Sandtoft offers a range of ridge ventilators and terminals to provide practical solutions for roof space ventilation, soil pipe and mechanical extraction.

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Ventilation advice is available

Tile Ventilators

Sandtoft offers a range of tile and slate ventilators to suit different applications and aesthetic requirements.

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