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Meet The Team

The Architectural and Urban Design Team

Our Architectural and Urban Design studio offer a variety of packages designed to provide you with the level of assistance you need on your project. Our team can provide a full range of services in line with the RIBA Plan of work 2020 as well as, outstanding solutions in the fields of Architecture, BIM, Visualisation, Planning and Urban Design. 

Manuela Fazzan - Technical & Design Manager
  • BA Architecture and Urban Design
  • BIM Certified Practitioner
  • Wienerberger UK BIM Lead
  • 13 years’ experience in residential and commercial projects, visualization and BIM
Ceri Turner - Senior Architect
  • RIBA Chartered Architect
  • Previously architect at AJ top-5 Manchester practice and Associate at leading Buckinghamshire residential and conservation practice
  • 10 years of experience across all work stages
  •  Conservation specialist 
Lia Nardin - Planning and Urban Designer
  • MA Urban Design
  • Postgraduate in Environmental Design and Landscape Architecture
  • BA Architecture and Urban Planning
  • 17 years’ experience in the industry
Mariana Meneghetti - BIM Technician
  • BA Architecture and Urban Design
  • Academic exchange program in Turin Polytechnic, Italy
  • 9 years’ experience in residential, commercial, hotel and mixed-use projects
  • 4 years’ experience working with BIM
Jayne Hatton - Architectural Technician
  • Qualified Architectural Technician
  • Over 25 years’ experience working across many sectors
  • Experience in commercial and residential projects with a background in historic building
Architecture and Design Studio Inital Brief, Site Plan Design

Further information

For further enquiries and bespoke packages, contact our team and we’ll be happy to help with a solution tailored to you.