e4 house built in Hestia multi, porotherm 100 and new rivius antique slate
e4 house built in Hestia multi, porotherm 100 and new rivius antique slate

e4 house at BRE Innovation Park

The Wienerberger e4 brick house is our complete housing solution named after its four key founding principles of economy, energy, environment and emotion

The aim of the e4 brick house is to create an archetype for the future of UK housing.

Developed alongside global engineering and design consultancy, ARUP - the organisation behind such world-renowned buildings as Sydney Opera House - it is a home designed to meet the needs of modern living: a fully realised, adaptable and award-winning housing solution. A sound long-term investment with low maintenance requirements. Using our market-leading products, solutions and services, the e4 brick house takes a fabric first approach to sustainable design, creating a house that is both affordable and desirable. It has been designed according to four founding principles. Economy, energy, environment and emotion.


Each has been embedded in the e4 brick house at every stage; from the architectural designs right through to the construction materials and methods:


A house that is affordable to run, buy and live in, offering a balance and optimised build performance to exceed market requirements.

A house that meets the most up to date energy and performance standards and will do for every day of its 120-year plus life cycle.

A house that minimises it's environmental impact by using responsibly sourced, resource efficient construction materials and promoting low-impact living by design.

A house that enhances the well-being of it's inhabitants. A house that provides flexibility and practicality to deliver a better quality of life. 


Economy is at the heart of the e4 brick house. It is a solution that should be an affordable option.


We have ensured that the cost of building an e4 brick house is directly comparable to a traditionally built house of the equivalent type and size. In fact, on a development of ten properties, the basic e4 brick house has been calculated to deliver potential cost savings of 1.5% on a traditional build, while maintaining a superior quality of house. These figures are based on detailed calculations and include labour and materials, reflecting a fair comparative estimate against the cost of building a traditional or timber frame house. Additionally, the Wienerberger Built Environment Team can assist in the delivery of cost calculations, including BIM-generated bills of quantities, for developments of any size.


Energy efficiency is paramount to the e4 concept.


Not only has the material framework been designed with a fabric-first approach, but we’ve also incorporated a hybrid heat pump and optional solar panels - making it easy for our customers to reap the rewards of renewable energy. The property is proven to deliver a 60% improvement on the 2013 Dwelling Emission Rate (DER) and the Target Emission Rate (TER) calculations for CO2. It also offers a Fabric Energy Efficiency (FEE) of 46kWh/m2 per year. When compared to an NHBC study looking at the carbon emissions of houses over a period of 120 years, the e4 brick house has been proven to reduce emissions by almost 50%. Crucially, the estimated average annual energy cost for an e4 brick house is £229.64 - less than £20 per month. This adds value to the property by providing a cost-effective proposition for builders, buyers, operators and tenants.


The e4 brick house adheres to the guidelines set out by the Code for Sustainable homes level 4 without renewables.


The e4 brick house was initially designed to embrace the key elements of the Code for Sustainable homes level 4 without renewables – a standard created to encourage sustainable construction and sustainable living. Although the Code for Sustainable Homes scheme is now being phased out, the cutting edge design of the e4 brick house has been designed to embody this fabric first approach, delivering sophisticated low-carbon buildings through the use of Wienerberger bricks, blocks and roof tiles.


A house that people will want to live in; a house that not only provides flexibilty and practicality, but will allow for a higher quality of living.


Comfort has been ensured within the e4 brick hosue through providing good day lighting levels to all living areas within the home and through providing openable windows. The relative humidity is regulated in humidity-prone areas such as the bathroom and utility room through the use of clay plaster on Porotherm blocks. Quality has been ensured through complying with best practice guidance in terms of space requirements and future adaptability of the home to allow for a quality home.



Why create the e4 Brick House?

The Wienerberger e4 brick house is enabling developers, housing providers and local authorities to create sustainable, efficient and future-proofed properties.


Innovation and Sustainability

Both are at the heart of our commitment to creating material solutions that help deliver a better quality of life.  The e4 brick house is one such solution. It is our response to the UK housing crisis and the pressing need to build houses that are sustainable and affordable, but efficient and beautiful too.   So the e4 house is more than just an answer to the UK housing shortage, but a way for the UK to build future-proofed houses that people will aspire to make into long-term homes.

e4 house built in Hestia multi, porotherm 100 and new rivius antique slate
e4 house built in Hestia multi, porotherm 100 and new rivius antique slate




Flexibility, Design and Lifestyle

The e4 brick house provides customers with a choice of materials, configurations, layouts and additional features, to meet diverse customer requirements.


Adaptable homes

The core framework of the e4 brick house provides flexibility in terms of layout and configuration, meeting a wide range of modern lifestyles and requirements. From room configuration, size and dimension, to sustainability upgrades and even construction scale, a range of property types can be delivered with minimal cost and maximum efficiency.   Using the latest modern methods of construction, the e4 brick house has the built-in adaptability to enable cost-effective loft conversions for expanding families, ensuites for young couples, separated upstairs areas for shared ownership and even lifts for older residents.

e4 house built in Hestia multi, porotherm 100 and new rivius antique slate

e4 Sustainable Brick Homes

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