Falls-serie Navajo Falls, Rinko Falls, Tamarin Falls, White Falls WS WF and Krypton HV WF | New Construction Enclosed Houses and Apartments Zeeburger Zilt | John Blankensteinstraat - Rie Mastenbroekstraat, Amsterdam | Architect: Steenhuis Bukman Architecten, Delft | Contractor: BAM Wonen Noord West | Client: AM Noordwest | Photograpgher: Jannes Linders, Dordrecht
Redstone-serie Redstone and Redstone Rainbow, and Klampaert-serie Klampaert Classic Blue HV WF | New Construction Apartment Complex Il Vetro | Corner Dedemsvaartweg - Meppelweg, The Hague | Architect: Klunder Architecten, Rotterdam | Contractor: Schouten, Leidschendam | Client: Ceres Projecten | Photographer: Marcel Willems, Den Bosch | Completion Date: 2012-01-01
Darwin Falls Multi

What's New?

Introducing the new range of facing bricks

Adding to our already extensive collection of facing bricks, this newly imported product range from the former Daas Baksteen factories in the Netherlands complements our existing product range, taking inspiration from current industry trends. Whether you’re creating a new housing development or a contemporary urban scheme, this collection of facing bricks offers a wide variety of choice with your design requirements in mind, so why not register your interest today

Colours and Textures

At Wienerberger, we understand the importance of selecting the right colour and texture of brick for your project, which is one of the reasons why we boast one of the broadest brick portfolios’ in the world. Adding to our collection further, this new range of facing bricks provides a variety of solutions from warm textured blends available from our orange and red bricks perfect for residential schemes, to smooth modern shades offered by our black and grey bricks ideal for urban developments. This new collection really does offer choice in abundance, check out the full range below.



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London Slate Binair SP Clickbrick | New Construction Business Premise and Office SPG-ARRK | Titaniumstraat, Nederweert | Architect: Comzone Architects, Esch | Contractor: Bouwbedrijf Van Bussel, Helmond | Client: SPG, Nederweert | Photographer: Marcel Willems, ´s Hertogenbosch | Completion Date: 2017-01-01

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