Product SVK Ornimat used on Hotel Van der Valk in Harlem.
SVK Ornimat Seashell product used on Apartment building in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

SVK Fibre Cement Facades

A2 Rated Fibre Cement Boards

What is SVK?


SVK Fibre Cement Facades are versatile by design, with adaptability and durability at their core. These precision-engineered faced solutions offer an endless range of creative possibilities to enrich the built environment.

The solution uses a timeless material, ideal for the needs of modern construction and with performance and quality built in. It’s a material that’s becoming an increasingly popular choice in modern Façade design and construction. Fibre cement is an ideal material for exterior cladding panels.

The Cement façade comes in an assortment of panels in a variety of colours, shades shapes and sizes making it a suitable material to fit every building style and design. A truly innovative design. 

How SVK works

The choice of façade material has one of the greatest impacts on the aesthetics of any building. When it comes to constructing or renovating public spaces which play such a large role in the everyday lives of the local community, versatile modern cladding systems are ideal for building inspirational facades which deliver both high performance and offer masses of creative potential.

Precision-engineered cladding products, such as Wienerberger’s SVK fibre cement façades, offer high quality building solutions for schools, hospitals, leisure centres and social housing developments and more. By combining contemporary aesthetics with durability, cladding can successfully contribute to a dynamic, functional and safe built environment. With public sector buildings it is important to choose a material that will have a long lifespan and won’t incur expensive maintenance costs over the years to keep it looking as good as new which is why Fibre cement is a great material option. 

The benefits of using SVK Fibre Cement boards




- Reaction to fire classification A2 – s1, d0 (EN 13501-1)

- 10 year colour guarantee 

- 30 year design life guarantee

- Bespoke sizing and colour options available

- Diverse range of colour and finish options allowing you to combine and contrast finishes

- Lightweight and low maintenance

- Weather resistant

- Strong and durable with high impact resistance

- Resistant to mould, rot and bacteria

- European Technical Assessment - ETA 14/0284


Ornimat SVK Fibre Cement system

The SVK range




The SVK Fibre Cement Façades collection features four decorative panel ranges - Ornimat, Decoboard, Puro Plus and Colormat. Within these collections are a diverse selection of colour and finish options that can be used singularly or combined to suit any design scheme. Ideal for high-rise structures and larger construction or renovation projects, the spectrum of bright to neutral shades have the potential to create real impact when used on a large-scale. 



Ornimat – Custom cut and coated right to the edge of the panel

Colour Plus – Colour and Quality

Decoboard Classic and Pure – Neutral and Smooth

Puro Plus – Natural and Nuanced

Colormat – Texture and Colour 


Complete creative freedom

SVK's premium Ornimat panels are a fully customised solution, delivering less waste with greater efficiencies. Aesthetics and quality combined in a timeless and durable product.

Custom Cut

With Ornimat, you only pay for what you use. Each panel is made-to-measure, cut to your exact specifications. That means you’re paying for what’s on the wall, with no offcuts and wastage to worry about. A fully customised solution, delivering less waste and greater efficiency and flexibility.

Think in Colour

Whether your project needs bright aesthetic impact, or a tone sympathetic to the surrounding environment, there are Ornimat panels to match. The standard range includes naturalistic Essentials, and colourful Elements. And orders over 50m2 can select nearly any RAL or NCS colour.

Design to the Edge

Ornimat panels provide the performance and durability to let your true colours shine. Water-based, UV-resistant, two-component polyurethane paint means they’re colour-fast, machine coloured right to the edge after cutting using the same high quality coating. And the natural drying and hardening processes helps create a beautifully smooth and durable finish.

Low Maintenance

The high specification coating is a quality finish that allows for low maintenance and fantastic performance. Just water, or mild detergent is needed, without specialist chemicals or processes.


A beautifully smooth surface with a matte finish, with colour right to the edges. The visible side is coated with UV-resistant two-component polyurethane paint, with the rear given a water-based protective coating.

This is an A rated product.

Elements Range

Essentials Range

Decoboard Classic and Pure

A stylish and durable look

Made from a high quality, UV resistant acrylic paint system, the SVK Decobard Fibre Cement panels are the ideal solution for new construction as well as renovation. 

Modern and Stylish

Decoboard Classic and Decoboard Pure are striking contemporary options, offering a range of neutral colours with a smooth finish. Either is perfect both as the dominant external aesthetic, or sit ting alongside more traditional materials like timber and brick.

Neutrals to Notice

As standard, the Decoboard Classic and Decoboard Pure includes an array of timeless neutrals. But if your project requires something more, orders over 50m2 can select almost any RAL or NCS colour.

Wrapped and Ready

Each Decoboard Classic and Decoboard Pure panel is fully calibrated, ensuring a smooth and flawless finish ever y single time. After calibration, panels are covered with a protective film. This can be removed after installation when invisible fastenings are used, meaning no glue residue on the visible side of the panel. When attached with screws or rivets, the film is removed before installation.


A noticeably smooth and matte finish, with a contemporary feel. Though the edges are not coloured, the visible side is finished with UV-resistant acrylic paint (Classic) or transparent coating (Pure), and the rear side with a water-based protective coating.

This is an A rated product.

Decoboard Pure

Decoboard Classic

Puro Plus

Natural appearance 

Touch and Texture

Puro Plus benefits from a lightly sanded texture and variation. A distinctive aesthetic choice, and one where the natural and beautiful character of the fibre cement shines through, with no covering or coating.

Shades of Character

The textured finish brings an element of nature into play, producing variations in shade and appearance as the weather and environment interact with the panel itself. Over time, no panel will look quite the same.

Wrapped and Ready

Each Puro Plus panel is fully calibrated, ensuring a smooth and flawless finish every single time. After calibration, panels are covered with a protective film. This can be removed after installation when invisible fastenings are used, meaning no glue residue on the visible side of the panel. When attached with screws or rivets, the film is removed before installation.


The visible side of each panel is lightly sanded for a unique texture and appearance. The aesthetic effect is striking and naturalistic.

This is an A rated product.

SVK Puroplus Colour Panel
SVK Puroplus Colour Panel
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Aesthetically flexible 

Colormat panels unlock a range of textural and aesthetic options, from smooth Classic to rougher Scripto and milled Bando, coloured right through during the manufacturing process.

Colour First

The Colormat panels are coloured during the manufacturing process. This method ensures colour right through the product, and a specialised sanding process helps emphasise the variation and detail which marks each panel as unique.

Protected for Performance

After pressing, the panels are autoclaved to ensure strength and durability. Each panel is then hydrophobed, providing a water repellent matte and transparent protective layer. The result is a low maintenance water and dirt repellent panel that ages naturally.

Colormat Classic

A smooth sur face, with a light sanding to create subtle lines and variations.

Colormat Scripto

A more deeply sanded option, with clearer variation and noticeable line structure. The line direction can be rotated and contrasted between panels for aesthetic effect.

Colormat Bando

Available in both Classic and Scripto finishes, Bando adds even more depth and character. Repetitive 2mm deep and 8mm wide milled grooves create the effect of wooden or synthetic slats.

Texture: Colormat Classic

A matte panel with a smooth sanded surface for subtle variation.

Texture: Colormat Scripto

A rougher and more characterful surface, with lines and variations.

Product SVK Colormat used on Tour des Saules building.
SVK Colormat on Tour des Saules building

This is an A rated product.

Caribbean only available in Classic and Scripto


Through the years, SVK has developed a variety of solutions for attaching facade panels. Each of these techniques guarantees a durable, high-quality result. Furthermore, visible as well as hidden attachments are possible for all types of panels.


When installing fibre cement facade panels, it is important to choose a ventilated facade solution. The facade panel protects the insulation and the facade structure underneath. This way, the building is given the necessary breathing space. Ventilated facades with SVK fibre cement facade panels offer a triple advantage, thanks to their minimal weight, maximum protection and optimal living comfort.


All SVK facade panels can be attached with screws to the (wooden or aluminium) supporting structure. For this we use facade panel screws with a coated round head. These are screwed perpendicularly in the middle of the pre-drilled screw holes.

All SVK facade panels can be attached to aluminium support structures using rivets. Rivets are available in the same colour as the facade panel.


SVK facade panels are glued to last with a glueing system that remains elastic and has been specially designed for our facade panels. This glueing system consists mainly of a double-sided, self-adhesive strip and a strip of glue. Be sure to take a look

Invisible Mechanical Fixing

Façade panels are predrilled in the factory on the rear side and installed using undercut anchors onto an aluminium supporting structure. There are no visible fixings on the front of the panel.

SKV Ornimat Fibre Cement System on an apartment building

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