Modern building with SVK fibre cement facade

SVK Fibre Cement Facades

New dimensions of design with fibre cement cladding from Wienerberger

SVK fibre cement cladding panels are designed to make contemporary commercial facades stand out on every dimension – from cost-effectiveness and compliance to premium look and feel.

Explore a world of texture and touch, colour and aesthetics that can reshape your vision, and redefine your expectations.

What is SVK cladding?

With a wide range of colours and textures available, SVK fibre cement facade panels offer the ability to create outstanding architectural cladding designs that enrich the built environment and provide A2 rated fire performance. 

SVK rainscreen panels achieve the perfect balance of high performance and high design, offering durability and safety at their core without sacrificing visual appeal for construction and renovation projects both large and small.  

The precision-engineered cladding boards are manufactured from a mixture of Portland cement, reinforcement fibres, additives and water, which is built up in thin layers and compressed to create sheets which are left to dry and harden before being painted or coated to achieve a decorative finish.

Within SVK’s decorative facade panel ranges, discover a spectrum of colour featuring everything from primary brights to subtle neutrals, with bespoke RAL colour options also available (minimum orders apply). 

The texture of a facade is as important as a beautiful palette of colours to choose from. The SVK fibre cement cladding collection includes sanded and smooth surface textures, linear patterns and replications of natural stone to add the desired depth and tactile element to your project. 

Standards & Certification

Lightweight solution. Heavyweight certification. SVK is a BBA certified, BS EN 12467-compliant and A2-rated rainscreen cladding panel range designed to give you complete peace of mind, as well as a contemporary, appealing facade.

SVK fibre cement facade panels conform to the following product safety standards and certification criteria:

  • A2 s1, d0 fire classification in accordance with BS EN 13501-1 for non-combustible cladding.
  • BS EN 12467 standard for “Fibre cement flat sheets – production specification and tests”.
  • European Technical Assessment (ETA 14/0284).
  • Independently tested to CWCT (Centre for Window and Cladding Technology) standards.
  • The Decoboard Classic and Ornimat ranges also boast a 10-year colour guarantee. 

Quality & Performance

As a cost-effective, weather-resistant and low-maintenance facade product supported by a 10-year material and colour guarantee, SVK is proof that premium look and feel doesn’t have to mean premium price. 

Performance benefits of SVK fibre cement exterior wall cladding include:

  • Easy clean – simply use clean water, with added mild detergent if you wish.
  • Resistant to mould, rot and bacteria.
  • No risk of shrinkage, warping or cracking once installed.
  • Excellent weather and fire resistance.
  • Lightweight ventilated rainscreen cladding solution.
  • Easy to install on a wide range of substrates with a variety of fixing options available.
  • Can be installed alongside other facade systems or traditional building materials.

Find out how to install SVK here

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Man walking past colourful SVK facade of modern apartment block

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