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Tiles by Wienerberger

Tiles from Wienerberger

We produce the largest and most innovative range of roof tile systems in the UK under our Sandtoft brand. Our extensive portfolio contains many unique and ground-breaking products, which means we can provide high performance and reliable roofing solutions that fit any budget or planning requirement

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Keymer Handmade Clay Roof Tiles

Keymer is now part of the Wienerberger Roof products portfolio. Find out more details here.

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Solar panels from Wienerberger

Solar Panels from Wienerberger

Designed for pitched roofs, the PV48 incorporates black photovoltaic modules with matching, easy-to-fit flashings that enable it to integrate with virtually all types of slate or tile

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Wienerberger: Sustainability

Find out more about how we take our commitment to green issues seriously in these five sections: