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Safeguarding Our Planet

We understand the interconnected global crises of climate change, biodiversity loss and resource scarcity. Through our sustainability strategy ‘Let’s Build Beyond’, Wienerberger tackles these issues head-on.


Achieving whole lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions reductions by transitioning away from fossil fuel-based energy sources and optimising our raw materials.

Resource conservation

Moving beyond the efficient use of natural resources toward keeping resources in circulation and eliminating waste.

Biodiversity promotion

Managing our land assets and providing products to enhance biodiversity and facilitate wellbeing through engagement with nature.

Delve deeper into how we build beyond the known in our Sustainability Strategy.


We have developed a decarbonisation programme to reach net-zero carbon emissions before 2050. It begins with improving our understanding of the greenhouse gas emissions associated with Wienerberger’s operations at both a company and product level. 

We have verified our Scope 1 and 2 emissions for 2020, providing a baseline for planning targeted interventions and monitoring our progress.

What next?

We will next calculate Wienerberger’s Scope 3 emissions and enhance our internal data management processes to monitor the carbon emission reductions.  Our decarbonisation programme progresses with: 

  • Energy efficiency improvements
  • Fuel switching away from fossil-fuel based sources
  • Raw material optimisation
  • New product and service development

By 2023, we intend to achieve a 15% reduction in carbon emissions (CO2e), compared to 2020 levels, across the Wienerberger Group.

Resource conservation

For many years Wienerberger has pursued resource efficiency in production to conserve materials. In our new sustainability strategy ‘Let’s Build Beyond’, we pledge to go further and (re)design our products and processes to keep materials in circulation, avoiding the production of waste. To achieve this, a whole-lifecycle perspective is required, and products must be designed for reuse or recycling at their end of life. 

Explore our efforts to reduce the 'upfront' environmental impacts (modules A1-A3) through resource conservation in production.

Diagram showing whole life environmental impact

What next?

We will revise our resource management strategy and set new targets for water conservation and diverting waste from landfill and incineration.

Biodiversity promotion

The State of Nature (2019) report concluded that 41 per cent of all UK species surveyed have declined since the 1970s, while 15 per cent of UK species are said to be threatened with extinction. We must halt and reverse the decline of biodiversity across the UK and Ireland to sustain invaluable ecosystem services and human wellbeing. Wienerberger can help turn the tide on biodiversity loss with biodiversity enhancements on land around our factories, quarries and offices.

Wienerberger has published a biodiversity strategy called ‘Let’s build with nature in mind’. This is Wienerberger UK & Ireland’s action plan to promote biodiversity and improve wellbeing though engagement with nature.

Explore our commitments to promote biodiversity in our biodiversity strategy paper.

What next?

By the end of 2023, we will have a biodiversity programme in place at all our sites. 



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Across our sites in the UK, we're striving to safeguard our planet by reducing carbon emissions, conserving natural resources and promoting biodiversity.

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