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Declaration of Performance (DoP)

What is Wienerberger's Declaration of Performance?

The Declaration of Performance gives you information how each product performs. As part of the Construction Products regulation, a CE marked declaration is required for every construction product that is covered by a European harmonised standard or a European Technical Assessment. 

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How to retrieve a product DoP

It's easy to retrieve product information using the DoP online tool below, or you can scan the QR-code on the product label with a standard QR-code reader.

Using the DoP online tool

Locate and enter your DoP number. 

DoP numbers can be found on your product label.

Performance Standard Codes

The performances of the main products are given according the following standards:-

Wall Solutions: EN 771-1:2011+A1:2015
Facade Solutions:  EN 771-1:2011+A1:2015
Landscaping Solutions: EN 1344:2013, EN 1338:2003/AC:2006  
Roof Solutions: EN 1304:2013, EN 490:2011+A1:2017

The performances of the complementary Wienerberger products (such as mortars and accessories for roof solutions) are incorporated and follow the appropriate European Harmonized Standards or the European Technical Assessment documents respectively.


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