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Moving Forward Together

We recognise the task of transitioning to a net-zero emission, nature-positive, equitable society is enormous. We will progress in partnership with our people, partners and communities.

Our people

Providing our colleagues with a safe, healthy and inclusive working environment, with opportunities for lifelong learning to develop their knowledge and skills. We demonstrate our commitment to ethical and environmentally responsible business practice in our daily actions.

Our partners

Collaborating with our customers, peers and supply chain partners for improved social and environmental outcomes.

Our community

Supporting community assets that facilitate social cohesion and resilience in communities.

Our People

Wienerberger’s transition to a net-zero emission, nature-positive company will be made possible by the ingenuity of our people. Therefore, we must provide a working environment that enables our colleagues to realise their potential.

Firstly, we support the safety, health and wellbeing of our employees so that they can excel at work. We have taken a range of structural, technical and educational interventions to improve safety for our employees and those working on our behalf. Our employees promote a culture of safety and are actively encouraged to suggest opportunities for further improving our safety measures. This is essential for achieving our target of zero harm, every year. In addition, we offer in-person medical check-ups, alongside an extensive range of online services for medical, mental, legal and financial wellbeing. We promote an active lifestyle with access to the Cycle to Work scheme and gym membership discounts.

We facilitate employees’ learning, development and career progression so they can collaborate and actively shape the future of our company using their ideas. Alongside offering on-the-job development and formal training courses, employees have access to an online training platform called MyHR to advance their technical knowledge and transferable skills. 

Our industry has traditionally suffered from a lack of diversity in experience which we want to overcome. We are developing an Equality, Diversity and Inclusion strategy to cover both recruitment and retention, aiming to create a working environment with a strong sense of community and belonging. 

We encourage the exchange of information and knowledge across different departments, and inter-country collaborations. For example, our WeComm intranet enables cross-border communication and keeps our employees informed about current business developments, our company strategy and corporate goals.  

We invite feedback on our employee’s experience, both informally through team conversations and bi-annually through a confidential employee survey. The survey results inform our future improvements: for example, our online employee benefits portal, training courses by the Institute of Management & Leadership, employee induction programme and improved communication mechanisms have all been implemented as a result of employee feedback. 

What next?

We will further improve the employee experience at Wienerberger and champion our female role models. By 2023, we aim to have more than 30% female representation in professional services across our business unit (Wienerberger Building Solutions) and more than 15% female representation in the Senior Leadership Team at Wienerberger Limited. 

We will continue to invest in our people and aim to increase training hours by 10% per employee across Wienerberger Building Solutions. 

Our Partners

By working with like-minded partners, we will discover, test and implement solutions faster than acting alone.

We have a variety of partners at Wienerberger, for instance our customers help us develop new products and services, our suppliers identify process improvements, universities and consultants help to solve business challenges, and NGOs help us deliver value beyond the products and services we provide. Alongside our people, our partnerships underpin Wienerberger’s success. 

What next? 

We continue to strengthen and maintain our network of partners. After calculating our Scope 3 emissions, we will work with key suppliers to facilitate CO2 emissions reductions, via contracting and engagement.

Our Communities

We want to positively impact the communities in which we live, work, source and sell, and to conserve the natural resources upon which we all depend. Our community engagement activities typically include factory-level community liaison meetings, hosting visits for schools, universities and special interest groups, charitable donations and special events (for example, the National Trust Heritage Open Days). 

At an international level Wienerberger AG has partnered with Habitat for Humanity, a humanitarian organisation dedicated to providing safe and affordable shelter where families and communities thrive. Wienerberger provides Habitat for Humanity with building materials, volunteers and fundraising support both in the UK and internationally. 

Additionally, in the UK, Wienerberger supports not-for-profit organisations and charities who share our mission to improve people’s quality of life by constructing or renovating community buildings; including education, healthcare, and sports facilities. We support these projects through product donations, service donations, corporate volunteering and training for students and tradespeople. To access charitable support from Wienerberger, submit your donation request.

What next?

By 2023, we will quantify our Social Value contribution and set goals for 2030.



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