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Social responsibility in Sustainability.

Social Responsibility

Wienerberger aims to play an active role in the communities in which we operate, with an ‘open door’ attitude to all our stakeholders. This holistic approach has fostered valued relationships which we will continue to build upon through community liaison, engagement and charitable donations.

  • Educational engagement

Educational engagement

Each year our factories host a range of events and visits for schools, universities and special interest groups including archaeological, wildlife, scouts and women’s groups. Please visit our case studies page to learn more. 

Read how Wienerberger reinvigorated their energy awareness with the creative help of Newport Primary School.

Read how Wienerberger donated 16 tonnes of clay to 151 nursery schools for an art installation project celebrating Hull as the UK City of Culture 2017.

Heritage Open Day is run by the National Trust as England’s contribution to the European Heritage Festival. Wienerberger received 150 visitors in 2017 and 250 visitors in 2018 for a day of factory tours and demonstrations. Find out more.

  • Corporate responsibility

Corporate responsibility

Several of our factories have formal ‘Liaison Committees’ where topics such as planning, environmental management and donations are discussed with neighbours and local councillors. The remainder of factories have established lines of communication with the relevant representatives of the local community.

  • Charitable donations

Charitable donations

Wienerberger supports not-for-profit organisations and charities who share our mission to improve people’s quality of life by constructing or renovating community buildings, such as education, healthcare, and sports facilities.

At an international level we have partnered with Habitat for Humanity, a humanitarian organisation focused on long-term development, aid and poverty alleviation. Habitat for Humanity’s mission is to build safe environments where families and communities thrive.

Six thousand bricks and roof tiles were donated to Ewhurst CofE Infant School to create a safe and comfortable space for children to learn and play. Click to read more.

Read how Wienerberger worked with Liverpool-based housing charity Housing People Building Communities (HPBC) to improve the supply of affordable new homes and create socially inclusive and cohesive communities.

Wienerberger donated clay pavers to a garden project at Snoxhall Fields in Cranleigh, Surrey which commemorated the First World War centenary in 2018. Click to read more.

Locally, our factories support communities with four forms of charitable donation:


Product donations

Whereby bricks, roof tiles and/or pavers manufactured by Wienerberger are donated instead of contributing money towards a construction project. Wienerberger welcomes product donation requests for projects that support education, healthcare and sports facilities in the community.

Service donations

This includes the provision of our employees’ knowledge and where appropriate, access to our facilities, to support projects and activities that benefit the local community. Wienerberger employs experts who can provide technical advice on designs and product use (visit our Tips and Advice section for more information). In addition, we regularly host community groups at our premises. All visits must be arranged with the site manager in advance and you will be expected to adhere to our Health and Safety rules.

Corporate volunteering

Not-for-profit organisations may arrange events at which Wienerberger employees volunteer during their working time. Preferably, volunteering involves the use of Wienerberger products.

Training for students and tradespeople

Wienerberger supports the training and education of students in construction trades, the arts and STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) subjects through internships, sponsorship, supporting dissertation projects and offering guest lectures at schools, colleges and universities. This also includes the provision of Wienerberger products for educational purposes.

How to apply

To access charitable support from Wienerberger, please apply by clicking here.

NB. Requests for Wienerberger products, services, volunteers and/or training will be assessed on a case-by-case basis, considering the scale of positive impact and proximity to our factory locations. Please note that requests for support that ultimately benefit individuals, political organisations, or groups with no connection to Wienerberger’s local communities will not be successful.