Blockwork tips and advice

Build faster, drier, safer and more sustainable structures with our Porotherm clay block walling system, offering cost savings against traditional blockwork

At Wienerberger, our mission is a simple one: to be the most recognised and respected provider of building material solutions in the UK market. It's an ethos that means that our Porotherm Multi-Cellular Clay Block Walling System has been designed to enrich the projects and environments it's used on. Porotherm is produced by the world’s market leader in clay technology and has been used successfully for over 30 years. The list of key benefits for Porotherm is a long one, and together they form a compelling argument for making it a high performance choice for your next project. Our Wienerberger Blockwork tips and advice section aims to further your knowledge of building with Blockwork.

Clay block tools specifically engineered to make laying as efficient as possible.

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Set of bricks Porotherm Eko+ Profi with yellow background

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