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Discover our extensive range of wall and floor slips. Our slips are thin sections of genuine bricks and pavers that provide the same look as conventional brick work and paving. Slips offer a flexible way to get the style you want and can be fitted internally or externally to a range of surfaces.

Brick slips (often referred to as brick tiles or brick veneers) are thin cuts of real brick, or in some cases purpose-made brick tiles, commonly used to replicate the appearance of a conventional brick wall in both internal and external applications.

Primarily used for aesthetic purposes, as a quick, easy and cost-effective way to create an authentic brick finish on internal and external walls, brick slips also offer low maintenance and long term durability.

The performance benefits of brick slips are similar to those of brick – a breathable, non-combustible, durable, recyclable and energy-efficient material. No other cladding solution offers this combination of beauty and practicality.

How are brick slips made?

Brick slips are usually produced in one of two ways. Firstly, they can be cut from the face of a standard brick, this method is a more traditional approach to brick slip production and allows flexibility with the thickness of the slips.

Secondly, in a similar way to the process used for standard wirecut brick production, a column of extruded clay is divided into the required slip thickness before being kiln fired. This is a more cost-effective production method; however, this method does not offer the same levels of flexibility in size as the cut from a standard brick does.

What can brick slips be used for?

Brick slips have a wide range of internal and external applications. From fireplaces and feature walls to full housing exteriors and high-rise flat facades, the uses of brick slips today are as varied and diverse as the benefits.

They are used across a wide range of market sectors – for residential and commercial applications, for smaller features, full rooms or complete building exteriors, and for both new build and retrofitting or renovation projects.

Recently, the trend for exposed brick has moved beyond walls and demand is growing for innovating flooring and paving products that replicate the appearance of natural clay flooring. At Wienerberger, we offer a range of paver slips to cater for this emerging trend, with a variety of colours, formats and finishes to choose from.

How do you install brick slips?

Accessories for installation



Wienerberger Brick Slip Adhesive is based on state of the art cement polymer technology to give an excellent adhesion and allow for a grab when applying brick slips to most masonry substrates (concrete, gypsum plaster, lightweight block, clay). It is a ready to use adhesive which only requires the addition of clean water to give easy mixing and good workability properties. The adhesive can be used internally and externally in temperatures as low as 3°C up to 25°C. A 25kg bag will allow for coverage of 5.5 sq meters. 


Wienerberger Bonding Primer is a full silicone resin based primer, specifically designed for use on masonry substrates. The Silicone resin ensures that the primer is highly vapour permeable and matches the high vapour transmission rates of a cement base coat or through-coloured render, it is also highly suitable as part of a mineral thin coat into the substrate, which creates ultra high adhesion. The primer can be applied by brush, roller or spray and in temperatures as low as 3°C up to 25°C. 25 litres of primer will cover 125 sq metres. 


Wienerberger Pointing Mortar is based on state of the art cement polymer technology, the polymer adds a high water repellent quality, repelling water from the surface of the mortar joints, while allowing vapour to pass through the joints. Blended and formulated with high quality cement aggregates and chemical modifiers, to give excellent workability and fill when applying to brick and stone joints. The mortar is a ready to use product and only requires the addition of clean water to give easy mixing and good workability properties. The adhesive can be used internally and externally in temperatures as low as 3°C up to 25°C and is also water repellent. A 25kg bag will allow for coverage of 5.5 sq meters. 


Mortar pointing gun – to improve the ease when mortaring the joints.

Adhesive comb- to apply adhesive correctly.

Jointing tool- to produce profiled mortar joints.

Brick slip spacers- 200 in a bag- ensuring the correct gaps are achieved for the mortar joints.

Mixing paddle- can be fitted to most electric drills to help mix the adhesive and mortar to the correct consistency.

The above items can also be purchased in installation kit, finishing kit or complete kit form, saving money.



Brick Slips Fixing Kit

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How do you use brick slips on corners?

Brick slip external return corners are available in thicknesses to match all the available standard slip sizes. These units allow the seamless continuation of your required bond pattern to offer the complete look of conventional brick work.


What sizes do brick slips come in?

Brick slips are mostly manufactured to match the standard conventional metric dimensions of 215mm wide and 65mm tall, however we are able to offer more bespoke imperial or non-standard options in some instances.

Our standard brick slip thickness is 22mm, however if the slips are produced using a cut from a standard brick, there is more flexibility from a minimum 15mm upwards.

We also offer Paver Slips

Bring The Outside In With Our Range Of Paver Slips

Natural clay paving is an increasingly popular flooring solution. At Wienerberger, our extensive range of internal clay paver slips offer a unique combination of quality, variety and convenience – so you can create a natural, authentic and premium finish on virtually any floor, whether internal or external.


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