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Introducing... Constructive Thinking

Like many businesses during the current time, lockdown has given us a lot to think about….

About how we work as a company, but how we work as individuals and how we work with each other, whether internal teams, customers or suppliers. We’ve also spent a lot of time thinking about what the future of the construction industry might look like, from short and medium term recovery, to longer term prosperity.

All of which has prompted us to create Constructive Thinking: a new blog and vlog series in which we’ll ask select figures within the construction industry, from our own staff, to partners and associates throughout the supply chain, to give us their personal thoughts on a wide variety of issues. We’ll be posting the vlogs through our social channels, and then the accompanying blogs right here.

For our first series, which we’ll be posting here over the next week or so, we’ll start with Covid-19 (what else?). More specifically, we’ll be speaking to key figures from our supply chain, plus some familiar faces from within the Wienerberger team, and getting their perspective on the impacts of the virus on both a personal and business level, plus a few opinions about what the future might hold for the construction sector as a whole.