Architectural and Urban Design Team Photos
Architectural and Urban Design Team Photos
Architectural and Urban Design Team Photos

Technical Services

Our Technical team are on hand to provide free easy access to useful advice, documentation and technical tools relating to all our building solutions. 


Expertise and provision to build with bricks

The Wienerberger technical team can deliver the below services when it comes to helping you specify brickwork on your next project.

  • Assistance with specifications for clay bricks
  • Advice relating to application best practice of clay bricks in design and construction
  • Design advice on provision for movement with clay bricks
  • Recommendations on associated brickwork components such as Damp-Proof Courses, mortars and more
  • Design advice on the use of British Standard and purpose made special bricks
  • Brickwork related CPD seminars

If you have any queries about specifying or constructing with Wienerberger bricks, please contact our Technical team.


Recieve quality technical and design advice on Porotherm

The Porotherm and Poroton range is Wienerberger’s unique clay block walling system and ideal for the UK construction market. 

We offer technical and design advice on the Porotherm and Poroton systems in conjunction with Lucideon SP148 document. This covers all materials and components, building codes, fire performance, air/water permeability, thermal performance and condensation risk analysis, acoustics and workmanship.

Our technical team also offers:

  • Project-specific advice
  • Cavity and Monolithic construction design advice
  • Training
  • Ancillary items specification (e.g. ties, lintels and fixings)
  • Provision of technical literature
  • Liaison with regulatory bodies (NHBC and LABC approval/warranty)

If you would like to find out more installing Porotherm or Poroton systems, please contact our technical team.

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Roof Tiles

Enhance and enrich your roof tiling projects

Helping customers with product selection is the backbone of our technical support service for roofing, as this can be quite complex. We advise on each product’s individual performance, suggest suitable products answer any other enquiries a customer may have.

Our technical team offer the following support services in relation to roof tiles, systems and accessories.

  • General roofing advice and support
  • Product performance and design advice
  • Take-off service (working out product quantity from architectural drawings)
  • Specification-writing
  • Bespoke project design and support
  • Problem-solving

To speak to a member of our Technical team about our roofing products, please contact us.

Online Roofing Tools

Free online tools for roof specification

We also offer three online tools designed to help make roof specification a simpler process:

  • RoofSpec can offer an instant comprehensive specification and a guarantee certificate for contractor and customer peace of mind. The software has safeguards in place to avoid inappropriate specifications, for example if your chosen tile is unsuitable for a roof at the stated pitch, RoofSpec will tell you. The 10 or 15 year guarantee ensures that the specified roof is fit for purpose and no maintenance will be required for at least the period of the guarantee.

  • QuantSpec is a quick quantity estimator which can be used for simple roof shapes and extensions. The tool gives an instant quote including all roofing components such as tiles, underlay, battens and dry fix systems.

  • As providing a fixing calculation is part of the BS 5334 British Standard for Slating and Tiling, Wienerberger’s FixSpec online fixing calculator is a great time saver for contractors. By adding information such as postcode, tile type, roof pitch and building dimensions, online tools work out the complex calculations and provide an immediate result. 

Wienerberger’s free RoofSpec, QuantSpec and FixSpec online tools are available at

To speak to a member of our Technical team about our roofing products, please us our contact form. 


Specialist wall cladding solutions for best performance

We offer high-performance façade and wall cladding solutions to suit a variety of large and small scale projects.

Our technical team can offer façade-related support in the following areas: -

  • Product performance and design advice
  • Full design support in CAD and Revit
  • Building regulations and codes of practice advice
  • Site support with ongoing projects

If you have a technical enquiry regarding our Corium or SVK façade systems, our team will be happy to help. Click here to contact our technical team. 

Research and Development

Share your opinion with us

Here at Wienerberger, we constantly strive to innovate through continually reviewing our product range. A big part of this is gathering feedback from our customers, listening to their advice and looking at how we can incorporate their suggestions into our products moving forward. After all, we’re here to make their lives easier!

Our Research and Development team work on the following projects:

  • Innovation research
  • Product development
  • Product testing
  • 3D printing
  • Engineering analysis
  • Product animations and photo realistic renders
  • Design support

As a leading building solutions manufacturer, our job is to bring innovative and fit for purpose products to market that meet and surpass the expectations of our customers.

One of the most valuable resources we have when it comes to product design is the opinions of our customers. The people that handle and install our products every day have an in-depth knowledge of how our products work in practice. Therefore, we want to hear what our customers think of our products. What do you like and dislike? What are we doing right and what could we improve on?

If you would like to share your opinion with us, please get in touch by clicking here