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In this constantly evolving world of construction, it is important to continue learning every day, whether you are a newly qualified architect or have many years of experience under your belt. This is why Wienerberger has developed a series of free CPD seminars to help you build your knowledge and update your skills.

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Part L

Helping you meet your Part L requirements

A headline look at Part L 2022 and some ways we can help.

The updated regulations aim to lower the operational carbon emissions of new homes, raise fabric efficiency standards and introduce a new level of quality control. The updates require all new homes to produce 31% fewer operational carbon emissions compared with the Part L 2013 regulations. This increase in energy efficiency can be achieved through any combination of fabric, heating systems and renewable technologies.

At Wienerberger we offer a range of solutions that can help you meet the challenges of energy efficiency head on and this CPD looks to highlight some of them.

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An Introduction to BIM

This CPD offers an introduction and overview of BIM as a process and as a model.

You will also learn about Wienerberger's BIM journey, our role in the BIM process as a manufacturer and how we can contribute to your designs with our BIM Objects library.

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Brick Design and Innovation

Go back to basics with this exploration into brick architecture of the past and present.

This CPD session tells you everything you need to know about the humble brick, taking us from the ancient world to modern day. We’ll take you through types of bricks, production methods and masonry techniques, with stunning case studies along the way to showcase the huge potential of this “traditional” building material.

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Movement in Brick

Causes of movement and how to avoid it

This seminar looks at the most important technical issues that need to be taken into consideration when designing with clay brick.  Product selection, brick properties, expansion joints and mortar are all discussed with a focus on how this can affect design and detailing.

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Technical Considerations When Designing with Brick

Take a deep dive into how to get the most out of brickwork construction.

Interested in using bricks on your next project? This CPD presentation focusses on the important technical aspects of brickwork that will help you achieve your vision. Join us to find out more about product selection, bond patterns, mortar choice, movement joints, how to read technical data sheets and more.

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Control of Condensation

Control and avoid excessive and harmful condensation

This seminar examines how to control and avoid excessive condensation from building up within a roof structure by providing passive airflow from the outside of a building and by limiting airflow from within the living spaces.

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A History of Handmade Tiles

Discover the wonderful world of Keymer and heritage roofing projects.

Our Keymer team of experts are passionate about crafting handmade products that fit the exact requirements of listed buildings and conservation schemes. Let them guide you through the history of clay roof tiles, how they are made by hand today, common pitfalls and good roofing practice when working on heritage projects. 

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Clay block

Introducing Porotherm Clay Blocks

Discover more about our revolutionary Porotherm system

We run two different CPD sessions for both our Cavity and Monolithic ranges. Find out what benefits our system has to offer, alongside how quick and easy it is to install.

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Facade systems

An Introduction of Corium Brick Cladding

Explore unlimited design versatility alongside smarter and simpler installation

You’ll get a good understanding of our Corium brick cladding system. We’ve designed this CPD to ensure you learn the benefits of the system, some of the installation principles along with its technical credentials.

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Fibre Cement Rainscreen for the Future

New dimensions of design with fibre cement cladding

This session will serve as an introduction to rainscreen cladding, fibre cement as a construction material and what the SVK range can offer you and your next project.

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The Benefits of Clay Paving

Learn more about why clay is the ideal material for beautiful landscaping.

We’ve designed this CPD seminar to make specifying the right kind of paver for your landscape project as simple as possible. With a closer look at some real-life paving projects, we cover how pavers are made, clay as a material, laying patterns and installation methods.

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What is a CPD?

CPD stands for 'Continuing Professional Development' and refers to ongoing learning and development that professionals undertake. CPDs help professionals to stay up-to-date with best practice, hone their existing skills, learn new ones, and improve their industry knowledge.


How can Wienerberger help?

If you want to discover more about a new topic for an upcoming project, need a refresher course, or simply would like to find out more about Wienerberger, each of our CPD seminars offers the opportunity to learn something new.

Are you interested in taking part in a Wienerberger CPD seminar? Our courses can be presented as online meetings or face-to-face to suit your requirements, delivered by experienced and qualified members of the Wienerberger team. Complete the enquiry form below and we will be in touch shortly to arrange your session, or take a look at the variety of informative and engaging CPD courses we currently offer below. 


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