A better way from design to build, from Wienerberger Architectural Services

Our built environment is changing – as is how we build it. It’s time for a new approach to architecture and design. One that streamlines and simplifies everything, from start to finish.

From outline planning to specification and completion, building design goes more smoothly when you work with one team. It all comes down to architecture with agility.

A modern residential build project

How we can help you

  • A team of qualified, experienced experts
  • RIBA Certified and Conservation Registered architect
  • A single interface to manage every stage of your project
  • Residential and commercial capabilities
  • End-to-end BIM support
  • Complete material integration with manufacturer-backed guarantees

Discover how Archigility can streamline your next residential or commercial project. Contact our team of design and building consultants today to find out more.

Solving your challenges from planning to handover - and beyond

Hiring an architect for your project can be a challenge, from researching and finding the best architect for your needs, to ensuring everything is covered, from masterplanning to completion. Sometimes practical details and technical specifications are missed, adding complications to your build.

Archigility offers a better way. Our team of qualified architecture and building consultants take you from planning to site to completion, with one interface. Architectural design. BIM modelling. Materials integration. Pre- to post-construction, Wienerberger Architectural Services are your expert partner, giving you peace of mind.

Rationalising preconstruction

Streamlining planning process

We streamline strategic definition and brief, design, consultation and the planning process – often the most time-consuming part of a development – to simplify the pathway to site, and accelerate return on investment. From site visits and reviews to initial sketches, developed planning and technical designs, and full visualisations, we get our project partnerships right from the outset in order to smooth the way for everything that follows.

Realising your build

From vision to execution

One team takes you from vision to execution, whether that’s through objective materials specification or BIM – we put big thinking into the smallest details to help you realise your ambition. Once planning has been secured, we develop working drawings and scheme details, and work with all parties towards a compliant performance specification and masterplan. Through our Common Data Environment, we ensure everyone can access the information they need to know to make development more efficient – and our team can be there with you on-site, to help keep things running smoothly.

Enhancing your reputation

Delivering complete peace of mind

Partnering with you, we maintain complete, single-interface project management control over contractors and consultants to safeguard the quality of your build. We provide complete BIM support and all data is made available for project handover, all in one place, to make ongoing maintenance easier and more responsive. And, if Wienerberger materials are specified and installed as part of the development, we go further to deliver complete peace of mind through fully guaranteed materials, including our HomeSpec manufacturer guarantees.

A new approach to building design with Archigility

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Our architects and technical specialists work right across the UK  to help you realise your building design vision. Get in touch to see how Archigility can smooth your project from design to build.

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