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Sustainable building tips and advice

Sustainability is central to our mission to improve people’s quality of life with outstanding materials for the built environment

Wienerberger is an international business with 14 factories operating across the UK. We understand the importance of climate change as well as preserving natural habitats, thus we have embedded sustainability into our corporate strategy. We are committed to lowering our carbon emissions, finding new methods to recycle energy and water as well as building strong relationships within our communities. Working collectively and through the leadership of our Sustainability Manager, we are working towards a sustainable future by sharing with you top tips in building sustainably and how to include natural habitats to your built environment. 


Find out how we manage natural resources, including energy and water, at our factories around the UK.

Social Responsibility

Discover how Wienerberger plays an active role in the communities in which we operate.

Sustainability Case Studies

See how Wienerberger actively supports communities to build a better quality of life. 

Download Policies and Certificates

View and download our sustainable certificates, policies, reports and helpful resources. 

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Our sustainability roadmap

Sustainable development is embedded in Wienerberger’s corporate strategy. Find out more about Wienerberger's sustainability roadmap.


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