One Tower Bridge London, Smeed Dean Bricks with Basket Weave Bond
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At Wienerberger we’re proud to offer the widest range of bricks available in the UK, with hundreds of different colours, textures, styles and shapes to choose from, we're confident that you'll find the right brick for your project.

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For thousands of years, the elements of fire, water, air, and earth have been used to produce a building material of incomparable usefulness and attractiveness. Clay brick, as a natural and sustainable building material, can also contribute to healthy indoor climate conducive to well-being

Long format bricks offer a longer, leaner look than standard UK format bricks. They come in a range of lengths and are a major trend in UK architecture. Browse our range here.

The unique character of Waterstruck brick provides great versatility which means they can be used to create beautiful designs in both modern and traditional styles.

The Smeed Dean name is synonymous with high quality, traditional London Yellow Stock bricks. It is the only brick factory in the UK that specialises in exclusive production.


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    Bricks are a versatile and durable building material with excellent life cycle performance. Brick has been used for thousands of years and yet, with various colours, textures, patterns, production methods and bond options available, designers are able to continually create new and interetsing architecture

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