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Our employees are key to Wienerberger’s business goals and future success as a leading provider of building solutions. We offer a diverse range of career options within our team and nurture the talent within our workforce with learning and development opportunities.

We provide a safe and ethical work environment where employees feel appreciated, motivated and valued. Our culture is about giving everyone who works at Wienerberger the opportunity to exercise their responsibility, integrity, passion and entrepreneurial spirit while growing themselves, their careers, and our business.  

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Our Values

Do you share our values?

Wienerberger has seven core values which define us as an employer, business and part of the UK’s construction industry.


We are constantly learning in order to develop innovative, added value solutions for the benefit of our customers. We remain on the leading edge of technology and trends in the building materials industry. We use state-of-the-art systems and processes whenever they provide added value for our customers.


We are proud of the solutions and services we provide. We believe in the positive impact of our work on the environment and the living conditions of our customers. We communicate this commitment and pass our passion on to others. We are proud to be experts in our fields and openly share our expertise and information with our colleagues.

Integrity and Respect

We treat our customers and colleagues just like we want to be treated. We accept differences of opinion as a source of progress. We appreciate diversity and integrate our understanding of regional and cultural differences into the development of solutions.

Customer Orientation

We understand the needs of our customers and provide them with added value solutions. We realise that our success depends on the success of our customers. We actively establish contact with our customers on a regular basis in order to understand their needs and to maintain strong relationships.


The company’s future success is our success. We act with commitment and determination. We deliver solutions, not problems. We manage the Company’s money as if it was our own.


We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality building material solutions. We base our work on the continuous improvements of solutions and processes. We know that quality is only quality when it is recognised as such.


We communicate honestly and openly with our colleagues and customers. We treat our colleagues and customers with respect. We lead through clearly defined objectives and provide constructive feedback. 

Employee testimonials

Wienerberger colleagues share their experiences of what it’s like working for a leading provider of wall, roof and landscaping innovations. Members of employees from different areas of the business share with you their roles, challenges and career progression within the company.



Maintenance Fitter


“We have a large maintenance team who all work together to keep our factories running 24 hours a day. It’s our job to keep production running and solve any problems as quickly as possible.

My job can be challenging but I enjoy working under pressure and the problem-solving side of the job. It’s down to you and your team to work out what the fault is, come up with a solution and make that machine run again.  I get satisfaction from completing a job.

The shift pattern that we work suits me perfectly, I do two days shifts, two night shifts, then I have four days off. We have a great team who are a pleasure to work with.”


Area Sales Manager

“The best part of my job is that no day is the same. I can be on a building site one moment then in a boardroom discussing contracts the next. I could be promoting Wienerberger’s products at a trade show or carrying out some training with our merchant customers.

I really enjoy working with the self-build market. These customers are building their dream property and I can play an important role in that by listening to them and making sure they get the ideal product for the project.  I love to see the finished result and for it become one of our featured case studies with some beautiful photography.

I’m part of a great salesforce at Wienerberger who are very knowledgeable and have fantastic relationships with our customers. Wienerberger invest in people and their products as they are passionate about the quality of service they provide. They have given me the opportunity to complete training courses over the years and this has given me the confidence to handle any professional situation. I would encourage people to join the construction industry as it’s a very exciting and rewarding sector to work in. “


Continuous Improvement Enginner

“As a Continuous Improvement Engineer, my job is to find ways in which our Broomfleet factory can run more efficiently and safely. I interact with almost everyone in the factory at every level, from the factory floor to senior management. I like working at Wienerberger because of the people. Everyone wants to work together to make the factory better and they are always happy to help you. 

I really enjoy the variation within the job, sometimes I’ll be in the office doing desk work or in meetings, other times I might be on the factory floor doing some training or running a workshop. The best part of my job is when a project I’ve been working on for a while finally comes together and makes a visible change to the way the factory. Having a colleague come up and say thank you for making a change that has made a difference to their working day is very rewarding.

The building materials industry was completely new to me when I started, but everyone has helped me develop my knowledge of our products and processes. I’ve also been given the opportunity to visit the Wienerberger head office is Vienna and take part in workshops.”


Production Operative

“As a Production Operative, my role involves working as part of a team to operate the machinery that makes our clay roof tiles. The tiles are then dried, fired and packed ready to be delivered.

My Dad has worked here for over 30 years, so when he told me about a vacancy at the factory I thought I would give it a go to see if I liked it, as I had never worked in a factory before. I enjoy what I do because of the people I work with and the job progression available.

This job has given me the opportunity to learn new skills. For example I recently got my forklift licence which allows me to take on different jobs in the factory. I’m a stand-in Team Leader at the moment so I hope to progress to becoming a Team Leader in my factory in the future.”


Technical Manager, Research & Development

“My role is really varied, it’s one of the reasons I enjoy my job so much. My main responsibility is designing new roof products and improving upon existing products, using 3D CAD software.

I think my favourite part of the job is that it allows me to design products that are going to improve people’s lives and possibly decrease the amount of time that it takes them to do a job.  Seeing our new products being used on projects and getting positive feedback from the customers is really rewarding.

Wienerberger has given me the opportunity to progress in my career. I’ve taken part in internal training courses and I’ve started a Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship.”


Lab Technician

“In the laboratory I test the raw materials and final products that Wienerberger manufactures to make sure that they comply to standards.

I became interested in science through my big brother who used to let me help him with his science experiments when we were younger. I then took A-Levels in Chemistry, Biology and Environmental Science, I completed my degree in Environmental Management and a diploma in Pollution Assessment and Control. I always had an interest in environmental issues so I wanted to understand the science behind it.”


Sustainability Manager

"It's widely acknowledged that 'buy-in from the top' is essential for a successful sustainability programme, so it was great to see that Wienerberger had already attained this level of support when I joined in January 2015. To date, Wienerberger is the only major Brick manufacturer in the UK to have publicly-stated company sustainability targets which are reported upon annually.

Working for the MD in a role dedicated to enhancing sustainability performance was just what I had been looking for. It was a real opportunity to make a difference and an important next-step in my career!  My challenge within Wienerberger is twofold - to drive progress from within, working with multiple teams to explore opportunities for improved resource efficiency - and to help build trust in our brand through transparent communication with stakeholders.

With this broad scope, no two days are the same. One day I may be meeting with Government or our trade association in London and on the next, I'll be pulling on boots and a hi-vis jacket visiting a factory. The role is demanding but the culture of teamwork and 'can-do' attitude within the company makes Wienerberger a great place to work."

Portrait of Stephanie, Sustainability Manager at Wienerberger
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