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  • Roof accessories and systems

Roof accessories and systems

A roof tile is a component that operates within the roof to form a system. At Wienerberger, we offer more than just roof tiles. We can offer the complete system, with a comprehensive range of roof accessories available to satisfy needs such as dry roofing and ventilation.

As a leading industry innovator, our Sandtoft brand has pioneered many of the advances in roof system design in recent years. Our forward-thinking approach has been to create outstanding products that offer the highest possible aesthetics and performance at an affordable price. Our experts develop and rigorously test products and materials using our in-house wind and rain tunnel, which can simulate the most severe weather conditions ever likely to be experienced in the UK.

As with all Sandtoft products, our roofing systems are carefully designed and tested using an in-depth and practical knowledge of roofing, to ensure they provide reliable, long lasting, secure and durable roofs and more consistent standards of workmanship.

Below is a diagram of where you would use the roof systems and accessories on your roof.

  • Roof system selector

Roof system selector

roof system selector brochure

Our Roof System Selector brochure includes our entire roof tile portfolio along with compatible tile shapes and fittings, ridges, dry roofing systems and ventilation options, all in one handy guide.

Click here to download the Roof System Selector brochure. 

  • Dry roofing

Dry roofing

Mortar failure is one of the most common roofing defects and can often lead to rain penetration and damage to the roof structure, or even building fabric. For mortar to remain effective, regular maintenance is required during the lifespan of a building, which comes at a cost.

Sandtoft dry roofing systems are quick and easy to install. Maintenance is reduced to little more than periodic inspection, with all the traditional problems of mortar bedded fittings being avoided

When using our dry roofing products, the result is longer lasting, secure, durable roofs, and a guarantee of consistent standards of workmanship. 

All our systems have been designed to combine performance, aesthetics and ease of use to create dry fix systems that herald a real step forward from traditional mortar bedding. They can be used in all weathers and avoid the need for lifting of wet mortar to the roof. All materials come in kit form for ease of ordering.

  • Dry verge systems

Dry verge systems

Sandtoft Dry Verge Systems are easy-to-use and provide a neat, secure and mortar-less finish at roof verges. Each system comprises verge units to suit left and right-hand verges, available in colours to complement the roof tiles. 

Eaves closures secure the tail of the first verge unit and are designed to close the gap to prevent birds and rodents getting into the roof space.

We offer dry verge systems to suit different tile types – Multiverge, TLE Medium Format Dry Verge, Continious Dry Verge and Slate Verge systems.


Suits: Most large format clay and concrete tiles.
Colours: Light/Dark Grey, Terracotta Red/Rustic, Brown, Natural Red, Tuscan, Flanders, Antique Slate.

TLE Medium Format Dry Verge

Suits: 20/20, TLE, Cassius, Rivius.
Colours: Natural Red, Tuscan, Flanders, Antique Slate, Rustic, Brown, Dark Grey.

Slate Verge

Suits: Britlock Slates and BritSlate.
Colours: Dark Grey, Antique Slate.

Continuous Dry Verge

Suits: Vauban, Actua, Modula.
Colours: Red, Black.

  • Dry ridge systems

Dry ridge systems

Mortar failure is one of the most common roof defects and can often lead to rain penetration and damage to the roof structure, or even building fabric. For mortar to remain effective, regular maintenance is required, which comes at a cost during the lifespan of a building. Wienerberger's range of roofing systems has been designed to eliminate these defects and significantly reduce ongoing maintenance costs. 

See below for our range of Dry ridge systems to complete your roofing needs.

Profile Ridge

Our Profile Ridge system has been designed to provide mechanically fixed, continuous ventilated ridge detail that is aesthetically traditional in appearance. It incorporates ventilation strips to support the ridges and provide high level ventilation. To complete the system and to enhance aesthetics, profile fillers are supplied for profiled tile types. The fillers click into the ventilation strips and both are marked to ensure correct orientation.

Roll Ridge

The Sandtoft Roll Ridge system is an extremely quick roll out system that uses the minimum of components. The system comprises a ventilated 5m ridge roll, batten straps to secure the ridge timber and ridge union with fixings. It is suitable for use with most clay, concrete tiles and slates (except sandfaced tiles).

Profile Mono Ridge

The Profile Mono Ridge system provides an efficient seal between each ridge, giving the appearance of a 10mm mortar joint. To complete the system and to enhance aesthetics, profile fillers are supplied for profiled tile types. The Mono Ridges are secured to the wall or fascia using nails or screws.

Multiversal Ridge and Hip

The Multiversal Ridge and Hip system is a low cost, easy and quick to install system providing a secure and mortar-free fix solution at ridge and hip. The unique feature of Multiversal is the ridge union – unlike other universal systems Multiversal uses a rigid union, rather than the more traditional type that the roofer has to bend to fit the shape of the ridge tile.

To find out more about our dry ridge systems, see pages 126 to 128 and 141 of the Roof System Selector brochure.

  • Dry hip systems

Dry hip systems

Our dry hip systems have been designed as an easy to install dry fix solution to complement the dry ridge systems.

Find out more about dry hip systems on pages 129 and 132 of the Roof System Selector brochure

The Sandtoft Roll Hip system is an extremely quick rollout system, comprising a ventilated hip roll to seal the junction between roof elevations and trays to support the hip ridges.

See page 129 in the Roof System Selector brochure.

The BritLock mitred hip provides a neat and secure hip detail without the need for hip tiles. Slates, slate-and-a-half slates or double slates are cut to form a neat junction.

See page 132 in the Roof System Selector brochure.

  • Roof tile ventilation

Roof ventilation

The most efficient and effective method of controlling condensation is to provide natural roof space ventilation and to mechanically extract high levels of water vapour at the source.

The Wienerberger Sandtoft range of ventilation products provides cost effective and discreet roof space ventilation. 

  • Eaves ventilation

Eaves ventilation

Sandtoft over fascia ventilation provides continuous free vent areas of 10,000 mm² and 25,000 mm² and insulation retention irrespective of rafter centres and soffit width. The over fascia ventilation strip provides effective resistance to large insects and driving rain.

The spacer tray provides a clear air path over the insulation irrespective of soffit width and roof pitch. The underlay support tray prevents sagging of the underlay behind the fascia and eliminates the problem of long-term deterioration of the underlay at the eaves. 

  • Tile ventilators

Tile ventilators

Sandtoft offers a range of tile and slate ventilators to suit different applications and aesthetic requirements.

Cowl ventilators provide a practical solution for high level roof space ventilation and for connection to soil or mechanical extraction pipes.

Concealed ventilators and Invisivents are designed to maximise the aesthetic features of the roof by being virtually unseen once installed and can be used for both low-level and high-level ventilation, as well as for connection to soil or mechanical extraction pipes.   Flexible pipes and pipe adaptors are available for connecting concealed ventilators to soil or mechanical extraction pipes.

  • Top abutment ventilator

Top abutment ventilator

The Sandtoft top abutment ventilation system provides a neat and discreet way of ventilating the roof space at a top abutment. The system comprises of 0.9m vent units that click together, fillers can then be attached to the vent units for profiled tiles. Once the vent units are fixed in place a Koraflex or lead flashing can be dressed into place.

The system is suitable for use with all Sandtoft & Koramic flat tiles and most profiled tiles. The Sandtoft top abutment ventilation system provides 5000mm² / linear metre free vent area.

For further information about our ventilation systems, please see pages 135 to 138 of the Roof System Selector brochure

  • Flashing material

Flashing material

Wienerberger Lead Replacement is a revolutionary and environmentally friendly alternative to lead, used as a weathering flashing material for buildings. It incorporates all the useful features of traditional lead but eliminates those that are undesirable. It is aluminium based and available in two unique surface finishes (cross-corrugated and embossed) depending on the application.

Flashing material and finished roof system

Wienerberger Lead Replacement is a combination of a highly durable aluminium sheet with a solvent lacquer upper surface and an adhesive butyl backing with high levels of tack to prevent wind uplift.


  • Roll length: 5m
  • Roll widths: 300mm and 450mm
  • Thickness: 4.1mm (cross-corrugated), 0.65mm (embossed)

Weight: A 300mm x 5m roll weighs only 2.5kg.

Working temperature (when installed): -40°C to 90°C.

Colour: Grey and Terracotta* (*made to order).

Cross-corrugated finish

Designed for use where the flashing has to be moulded over and around complex shapes such as profiled roof tiles and corner junctions. The unique cross-corrugation pattern allows the product to curve and bend in more than one direction at once.

Embossed finish

Designed for application requiring less complex shaping such as pitched roof valleys, secret gutters, soakers for slates and double-lap tiles, and box gutters.

  • Underlay


Sandtoft VPM Classic and Sandtoft VPM Super vapour permeable membranes can be used with all concrete and clay roof tiles and are suitable for both warm and cold roof designs on any roof shape and building.

They perform all the functions of good quality roof underlays and provide many benefits over the traditional bituminous underlays, helping to avoid condensation in the roof space.

Our membranes act as a secondary line of defence, protecting the internal roof substructure against wind driven rain and snow, safely draining it away to the gutter or other rainwater system. These underlays also reduce the wind loading on roof tiles and act as a temporary roof covering for up to a month prior to the installation of tiles or slates during building construction.

To take a look at UK zonal classification for using Classic and Super underlays see page 139 of our Roof System Selector brochure

  • Bespoke solutions

Bespoke solutions

Keymer heritage logo

Beyond the functional requirements for weatherproofing, there is much that a roof can add to the visual appeal of a building. As well as offering a wide range of roof tile types, Wienerberger can also deliver an endless variety of ridge profiles with different end pieces and decorative crests or finials.

For more information about bespoke solutions made to order, speak to our Heritage Services team.

  • Roofspec


To give you complete confidence in our products and systems, the Roofspec online tool offers not only a full roof specification but also our guarantee that the specification fully complies with all relevant standards and regulations.

In addition, we guarantee that the roof will remain weather-tight for a period not less than 15 years provided it has been designed and constructed in compliance with the specification issued by Sandtoft.

Visit the Roofspec website to find out more. 

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  • Technical support

Technical support

Burton Roofing Prism

For specialist technical knowledge and a range of services to assist in designing and specifying Wienerberger roofing products.

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