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Corium Brick Tile Cladding

New dimensions of performance with Corium brick cladding system

Explore unlimited design versatility alongside smarter and simpler installation with Corium brick cladding for high performance and low maintenance facades.

Corium is a premium brick facade system that opens up new dimensions for your project, blending the beauty of brick with cutting-edge rail-system innovation. Raise standards in the built environment with certification covered and redefine all expectations for new design possibilities.

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Choose your brick tile, mortar colour, design configuration and scene to see what's possible when you use Corium brick tile cladding. Completely free to use, our visualiser lets you play with different Corium designs to find the perfect look for your next rainscreen cladding project.

Discover the Corium Rustic range

Bringing even more design versatility to our Corium brick tile cladding system, Wienerberger has added eight new designs to our Corium Classic collection, featuring a brand-new rustic texture.

Available in a selection of beautiful colours inspired by some of our best-selling bricks, these new designs feature a weathered, more traditional texture for creating an authentic brickwork effect.

These new rustic textured designs share the same BBA certification and other performance merits as the rest of the Corium range, so you can specify with confidence.

Corium Classic Range

Discover new dimensions of performance, colour, and texture with the Corium range.

Corium Bespoke Range

Create a totally bespoke Corium brick tile for a unique facade design.

What is Corium?

Leading the way in safety standards, durability, and flexibility, Corium is a fully BBA certified brick wall cladding system that combines natural clay building materials with cost effective, fast track installation. 

It offers a facing brick finish for projects where a facade system is required, rather than traditional masonry. This external cladding system comprises of interlocking steel rail sections, specially profiled to allow fired brick cladding tiles to be clipped in, providing a mechanical fix. The vertical and horizontal joints between the tiles are then pointed with mortar to provide the appearance of brickwork.

Wienerberger have over 20 years’ experience with the Corium cladding system, where is has been widely used in the UK and internationally. Thanks to the longevity of the product, many early Corium installations have stood the test of time and continue to add beauty to the built environment.

Corium facades offer authentic brick aesthetics with an unrivalled choice of shapes, colours, textures, sizes, and even premade corners, that can be installed on a wide range of substructures for complete versatility. Corium brick cladding allows for experimentation with bond patterns, brick orientation, vertical and horizontal installation for the creation of more complicated facade design features such as curved surfaces and soffits. 

Standards & Certification

Corium is a BBA certified brick cladding system. Corium conforms to the following product safety standards and certification criteria:

  • BBA approved and certified (19/5693)
  • Clay brick tiles, steel backing rails and mortar are A1 rated in accordance with BS EN 13501-1
  • Corner units for 90 degree external corners and angles are cut and bonded using an A2 rated adhesive*
  • CWCT tested
  • NHBC standards for the design and construction of new homes
  • A design life in excess of 35 years (BBA certified)
  • Wind, water and impact resistance (BBA certified)


* Corium brick tiles are a fired clay product and are classified as A1 in accordance with BS EN 13501-1.  To confirm this classification, testing has been carried out at the BRE and the test report is available on request. Corner units supplied by Wienerberger for 90 degree external corners and angles are cut and bonded using an A2 rated adhesive.  Pre-cut corner sets can also be supplied for on-site bonding and require a suitable A2 rated adhesive to ensure compliance. Magnelis metallic coated steel and stainless steel are automatically classified as A1 in accordance with European Commission Decision 96/603/EC which provides a list of construction products that are considered to be class A1 without testing.

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Quality & Performance

Up to 50% lighter and four to five times faster to install than traditional brickwork, Corium brick cladding combines speed and premium finish with strength and durability, raising the standard of your facade, and the performance and efficiency of your project.

Performance benefits of the Corium system include:

  • Suitable for use with a wide range of sub-structures, including concrete, timber frame, structural steel, lightweight steel frames, structurally insulated panels and masonry. 
  • No building height restriction throughout the UK.
  • Up to 4 to 5 times faster for construction speed than traditional brickwork, offering labour cost reductions and time savings.
  • Lighter weight, leading to cost savings on the structure and foundations.
  • It can be installed at temperatures and in moisture conditions where it would not be possible to lay traditional bricks. 
  • Suitable for modular and off-site construction
  • No adhesive is required as tiles are mechanically fixed, resulting in less mess.
  • Specially engineered, frost-resistant brick tiles won’t be affected by efflorescence. 
  • If a tile is damaged then it can be fully removed and replaced with a fresh tile, without the need to remove whole area. 
  • A nationwide network of recognised installers available for fitting.
  • Mast climbers can be used for installation instead of scaffolding.

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Modern pillars and Corium facade walling at Cambridge Mosque

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