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Different types of clay pavers

Wienerberger provides a range of clay paving, designed to create beautiful, long-lasting landscapes. Our range includes Dutch-style, tumbled and chamfered clay pavers, as well as permeable pavers designed to reduce excess water run-off that leads to flooding.

Explore our different typs of clay pavers and find the perfect paving solution for your next landscaping project, or download our latest Clay Paver book to explore our paver range further.


Dutch Pavers

Wienerbergers Dutch collection gives designers and landscape architects the opportunity to achieve a distinctive geometric and unique aesthetic in large areas of urban paving. We offer mixed reds, creams, greys and waterstruck blends. 

Tumbled Pavers

The characteristic features of the UWF range include a tumbled edge with sanded or waterstruck textures. The range is available in tones of red, brown, lighter greys and buff pastel shades to blend perfectly within a variety of surroundings. Tumbled pavers are designed to last, the range is manufactured to withstand heavy footfall and light vehicular traffic making them suitable for a range of domestic and commercial applications. Create a real legacy project with the durability and strength of Clay.

Chamfered Pavers (62MM Range)

A traditional, rectangular clay paver that’s both practical and versatile, our paver is renowned for its durability and range of colours - giving the flexibility to work across a multitude of environments or landscapes.

Baggeridge Pavers

Ideal for creating a more rustic, worn and weathered appearance, Baggeridge cobbles are perfect for both domestic and commercial applications. Reflecting the industial heritage of the UK, Baggeridge Vintage Tumbled Blue Brindle provides a striking alternative to the more modern chamfered and sqaure edged pavers when an older look is requried. 

Aquata Pavers

The Aquata range is our sustainable solution for rainwater and surface runoff management. These dutch style pavers are precision engineered to drastically increase water re-absoportion, but without losing the versatile laying options, colour fastness and durability expected of standard clay pavers. 

Sycamore Range

A brand new range with a profile designed to complement domestic and light traffic environments. With 12 colours to choose from, any architectural style or reference can be reflected with efficiency and ease of installation in mind.


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