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Paver Accessories

Discover Wienerberger's range of paving accessories

We supply a comprehensive range of paver accessories to enhance commercial design schemes both aesthetically and functionally. All accessories are engineered to the exacting standards of core paving portfolio, and boast the same characteristic strength, durability and aesthetic value.

Our landscaping range includes kerbs, deterrent pavers, infill units and custom-made components, available in a range of colours from contemporary blues and buffs to traditional reds, to suit any scheme.

We can also offer bespoke accessories for landscaping projects, including purpose-made special shaped bricks and pavers, dependant on early involvement in designs and specifications to allow for manufacturing ahead of time. 

It is advisable to order any paver accessories as early as possible to ensure they can be supplied to meet site installation and construction programmes. We advise that paver accessories may be on extended delivery during periods of high demand.  

A leading paving accessory range

Kerb pavers

Adding visual definition to an area, kerbs in a paving scheme perform several functions - creating edge restraint details, delineating areas for vehicular and pedestrian use, and deterring over-riding by vehicles. These units allow kerbs to be constructed to suit the demands of anticipated levels and types of traffic, while maintaining the aesthetic coherence of a scheme. We offer a choice of profiles and upstand depths, with a range of units for crossovers, corners and radii.  

Boot, cant and bullnose kerbs

The Boot Kerb should be laid in a vertical orientation for heavily trafficked areas, although it can also be laid horizontally for use in lightly trafficked areas. The units may also act as a transition between paving and brickwork, with brickwork being built directly on them. Cant and Bullnose Kerbs are only suitable for very lightly trafficked areas. Purpose made returns and drop sets are available to order.

Crossover kerbs

Typically used to facilitate access to vehicular or other wheeled traffic where the general run of kerbing is an upstand kerb, the Crossover Kerb may also be used as a kerb in its own right. Alternative angles are available to order.

Half batter kerbs

The Half Batter Kerb is intended for vertical installation but may also be laid horizontally depending on the depth of upstand and visual appearance required. In such cases, purpose made returns and drop sets are available to order. 

Flush kerbs

Typically used at a drop kerb position in conjunction with a Half Batter Drop Kerb set, the Flush Kerb may also be used as a kerb or edging in its own right. 

Deterrent pavers

Deterrent Pavers offer various levels of deterrence to restrict or prevent use by pedestrians, bicycles and supermarket trolleys, or to discourage vehicle over-run they are generally laid with alternating rows or larger areas of standard pavers. They also contribute to the overall aesthetic impact of a scheme through the contrast of light and shade afforded by their profiles, coupled with the use of colour.

Wienerberger manufacture four different styles of deterrent paver: Slip-top deterrent paver Sharp-top deterrent paver Stretcher Ridged deterrent paver Header Ridged deterrent paver.

Infill units

Infill units provide a neat finish and minimize on-site cutting of pavers. Positioned adjacent to edge restraints or obstructions in a flexibly constructed pavement, these units are available in blues and reds, with smooth or dragfaced surface textures available. 

Step units

Nosing Units feature rounded leading edges to minimise chipping, whilst Riser/ Tread make-up units are faced on two headers, one stretcher and one bed face. Tactile pavers can be used adjacent to flights of steps and step markers to highlight step nosings for the visually impaired. 

Channel units

Typically used to direct surface water run-off to suitable outlets, these Channel Units feature a dished profile, which is compatible with popular dished gully outlets.

Marker pavers

Marker pavers are standard paving units that have been developed by Wienerberger for use in a wide range of applications, including indicating traffic restrictions, marking car bays, and where the use of naturally contrasting paver colours is not permitted. 

Step marker pavers

To support the visually impaired and for locations where high visibility indicators are required, our specially designed Step Marker Pavers provide a means of highlighting step nosings. These marker pavers are available in red or blue to complement paving and supplied ready for on-site application of an infill grout.

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