Holiday homes with multi-coloured glazed brick walls

Colour Fusion Glazed Bricks

Get creative with bold and beautiful glazed bricks

Wienerberger’s glazed brick range offers architects and designers an artist’s palette of colours, with the option to match any RAL reference. We can even match special shaped bricks, giving the versatility you need to deliver projects that are creative, colourful and inspired.

Created by applying glaze to high specification facing bricks, the Colour Fusion range contains 12 core brick colours: yellow, light and dark green, red, light and dark blue, black, brown, dark and light grey, and two white shades.

You can order in a mix of colours and in bespoke sizes and shapes, with a fully customised glazed face. The high gloss finish protects the brick, keeping the finished structure vibrant and true to the original design for the lifetime of the building. With our bespoke palette mixing options, the possibilities are endless.


Our core glazed brick colours

Available in:

215mm x 102.5mm x 65mm

Bespoke sizes, shapes and glazed surfaces to match any RAL colour reference are available to order.

Why use glazed bricks?

Glazed bricks offer unrivalled vibrancy and visual appeal, thanks to their glossy ceramic finish. They can be used either in single colours or in a blend, allowing architects and designers the freedom to get creative and add colour to their projects.

Glazed bricks were popular in both exterior and interior design during the Victorian and Edwardian periods, but are undergoing a renaissance for creating a vibrant, contemporary aesthetic in construction projects of all kinds. They are also easy to maintain and durable in a variety of weather conditions, making glazed bricks both beautiful and practical.

Brick wall with glazed brick pattern in bright colours

Want to get creative?

If you’re inspired to use glazed bricks in your next project, order a free sample now and we’ll deliver directly to you. 


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