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Glazed Bricks

Get creative with bold and beautiful Wienerberger glazed bricks

Discover the captivating world of high-gloss facades with Wienerberger's glazed brick collection. From bright white and vibrant yellow, through the whole colour spectrum to rich green, deep blue and bold black glazed bricks, our range includes both standard glazed bricks and the option to craft bespoke colours.

These glazed bricks not only deliver a striking visual impact but also boast a resilient ceramic finish, ensuring easy maintenance and durability in diverse weather conditions. Wienerberger's glazed bricks seamlessly blend beauty and practicality, preserving your structure's vibrancy and original design throughout its lifetime.

Originally favoured in Victorian and Edwardian eras for both interior and exterior design, glazed bricks are currently experiencing a resurgence. They infuse a vibrant, contemporary aesthetic into various construction projects, offering a wide colour palette to choose from.

Much like traditional bricks, glazed bricks offer design versatility, allowing architects and designers to experiment with bond patterns, orientation, and mortar colours for added flair. Whether used across an entire facade or selectively to accentuate specific features, exterior glazed bricks bring glossy, smooth textures to your designs. They harmonize beautifully with complementary or contrasting bricks, diverse colours, textures, and alternative building materials.

Order Samples via Swatchbox

We’re delighted to say that samples of our glazed brick collections are available to order through Swatchbox, who will send your chosen samples to your door for free and within two days. To order your sample, simply add your chosen designs to your order basket below. 

Please note that the Swatchbox samples service is currently only available for Wienerberger’s glazed brick products. To order a sample of any of our other products, please visit the relevant product page

Our Glazed Brick Ranges

A World of Colour

Find out everything you need to know about Wienerberger glazed bricks in our new online brochure, featuring all our glazed brick designs, beautiful case studies and more.


Bespoke Glazed Bricks

With Wienerberger’s bespoke glazed brick offering, the possibilities for creating a unique facade design are endless.

By collaborating with us you can create glazed bricks in bespoke shapes, sizes and colours. We can even provide our special shaped brick range with a fully customised glazed face to match standard sized bricks for a seamless effect on the facade.

Complete the form below to discuss with our team how bespoke glazed bricks can bring a unique aesthetic to your next project.

Glazed Brick Inspiration

Unleashing Creativity Through Colour: Exploring Glazed Bricks in Architecture

In this blog post, we dive into the playful design potential of glazed bricks, exploring how a palette of vivid colours and a gloss finish can be used to infuse architectural designs with character, depth, and meaning.

Five Ways to Elevate your Building Design with Glazed Bricks

We have been architectural magpies and found the glossiest, shiniest Wienerberger glazed brick projects in our archives. Let’s take a closer look at how high-shine bricks were used on these eye-catching design schemes and why they were chosen to transform commercial and residential spaces.

Brick wall with glazed brick pattern in bright colours

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