Eco brick compared to standard brick


More with less

Eco-brick is the perfect choice for environmentally aware housebuilders and specifiers who must achieve the uplift to standards in Part L of the Building Regulations. It enables you to achieve a reduction in upfront embodied carbon per square metre of brickwork. 

Eco-brick offers all the benefits and features of traditional ceramic facing bricks, but in a slimmer format: An Eco-brick is 35 mm narrower, without compromising durability, strength or stability. The slimline size means 30% more can be fired on a kiln car at any one time. On a like-for-like brick this dematerialisation (doing more with less) results in reducing our overall CO₂ impact.

  • Up to 31% reduction in upfront carbon emissions
  • Less raw material and energy used in manufacturing which results in a reduction in upfront embodied carbon per square metre of brickwork.
  • 36% slimmer profile allows increased insulation
  • Allows potential savings on energy bills by adding an additional 37.5mm of insulation or allows potential increase in living space via a reduction in the wall footprint.
  • Up to 37% reduction in transportation journeys
  • Slimmer brick means more bricks per load and a potential reduction in the number of HGV journeys required.
  • Up to 5 tonnes of CO₂ saved
  • Reduction in HGV journeys could result in up to 5 tonnes of less CO₂ emissions being released, thereby reducing housebuilders’ environmental impact (calculation based on a site of 100 houses).
  • Up to 36% reduction in mortar and on-site water requirements
  • Potential cost savings for housebuilders when building with Eco-brick as it requires less mortar due to its narrower profile. A reduction in mortar also generates a reduction in on-site water requirements.
  • 36% lighter in weight
  • Means Eco-bricks are easier to handle. They can be laid using traditional techniques with minimal training required and have the potential to reduce the risk of Repetitive Strain Injury when used long term.

More space

The extra width gained from using Eco-bricks can be used to either increase insulation or to increase the internal area of your build.

You can add 35 mm of insulation without compromising on size, helping to reduce energy bills and in-use carbon, benefitting both the environment and homeowners.

For renovation works, the narrower style allows modern insulation standards to be incorporated into a building without breaching the existing footprint.


Being lighter means Eco-bricks are easier to store, handle and distribute around site. They can be laid using traditional techniques with minimal training required to take account of variances. 


Eco-brick is narrower and therefore lighter than a traditional clay brick; on average this means that each pallet holds approximately 350 more bricks. This means more bricks can be transported in a single journey. Fewer journeys means a reduction in CO2 emissions from road transport and site plant to offload, limiting our environmental impact even further.

The Eco-brick range

Eco-bricks are available in a number of formats,  manufactured here in the UK and imported from Europe. They are available in a range of beautiful colours to meet the aesthetic needs of your projects. 

Warnham Red


Chartham Multi


Warnham Red Orange Blend




Haywood Red


Jado Red


Pelham Antique


Muria Yellow


Helios White


Clarus Cream


Nila Cream




Oud Romaans


Saturn Grey


Remo Grey




Recognition of a system extensively tested by third party for strength and durability

Eco-brick has been tried, tested and used successfully in Europe for over a decade

On-site support and service options available

Eco-brick facade on modern building

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Notes: All measurements are based on Eco-bricks produced in our Warnham factory compared to their equivalent in standard English size. All calculations are based on per square metre of brickwork. Modelling is based on a 3 bedroom house (8K bricks) and an estate comprising of 100 houses. Transportation is based on an average delivery of 114KM.  All calculations used are available upon request by emailing EPDs for Warnham bricks in standard English format and Eco-brick format are in production to confirm carbon reductions.

Please note the Warnham products shown are standard facing bricks and may have slight variations in them.

Pampas,  Heywood Red,  Pelham Antique, Langdale, Oud Romaans and Bowland have already received the NHBC Accepts certificate. The remaining products are due to receive their certificates imminently.


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