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Beyond The Build is designed to inspire, educate, and connect architects across the globe. At Wienerberger, we understand the impact of design, and we know that it extends far beyond bricks and mortar. Our mission is to explore the limitless world of architecture, from the raw materials that shape our structures to the creative sparks that fuel our designs.

Our hub is more than just information; it's a vibrant community. We connect architects through exclusive Q&A sessions and personal stories, put a spotlight on inspirational projects in our Architectum magazine, and highlight the opportunities of architecture awards.

We aim to enrich your insights, inspire new ideas and connect you with a network of like-minded professionals. Join us and access a world of architectural inspiration where creativity has no boundaries.


In conversation with…

Andrew Jackson

Sustainable architecture and the future

Lisa Raynes

Pioneering architecture and advocating inclusivity

Fraser Davie

Inspiration, regeneration and the future of architecture

architectum Magazine

architectum offers architects exactly what they need: unusual and creative ideas combined with meaningful solutions.


Architecture Awards

Take the opportunity to showcase inspirational work and see materials come to life.


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