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Our paver project references showcase the versatility of clay paving


Clay pavers can be used on projects of any size, style or complexity; from houses, schools, hospitals, hotels, museums and town centres to industrial, commercial and retail developments.

South Gardens is a community of 360 new homes which makes up the first element of Lendlease’s Elephant Park Masterplan housing development using Rosa Waterstruck WF, Siena WF and Nero WF clay pavers.

The education reform – using Wienerberger's Rosa Waterstruck Clay Pavers to create an iconic, holistic and contemporary university space.

Wienerberger's Siena , Mastiek and Auraton clay pavers helped to create a beautiful new environment at Telford's waterside retailscape.

Wienerberger's Mastiek, Siena, Basalt and Ravenna clay pavers were used as a landscaping solution for a new business district in Stoke-on-Trent city centre.

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