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Special Shaped Bricks

Wienerberger stocks the widest range of special bricks in the UK, as well as offering a bespoke specials service for your specific needs.

Special shaped bricks are specifically designed to various shapes and dimensions to complement and contrast the standard metric or imperial brick. Special bricks give architects and builders the freedom to create innovative designs, while providing seamless functionality, extra durability and can even reduce build time and waste on-site.

Special bricks can be used on virtually any project, from high-rise structures to bungalows. They simply provide design flexibility, speed of build and a level of aesthetic detail that’s unachievable with standard metric or imperial bricks.


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Wienerberger has been making special bricks for more than 100 years and stocks the widest range in the UK. Our 250 profiles are available in a range of colours and finishes, with free delivery on orders of 400 or more specials.

All British Standard shapes are available as manufactured or cut-and-bonded options across our range of facing bricks.

Today we have teams of highly skilled craftsmen devoted to developing innovative special brick solutions in dedicated production facilities across the UK and Europe. Our special products are produced under ISO 14001 (Environment), ISO 9001 (Quality) and ISO 50001 (Energy) Management Systems, so you can rest assured that you are receiving quality products with sustainability embedded from design to delivery.

Angle & Cant Bricks (AN)

Angle specials allow brickwork to turn through 30, 45 & 60 degree angles, while Cant specials offer detailing for doors, window and corner details.

Arch & Radial Bricks (AR & RD)

Arch bricks are used to form decorative arch units, while radial bricks are used to form curved brick details without tapered joints or cutting. 

Bonding Bricks (BD)

Bonding specials are used to create brick bonding patterns without the need for cutting on site and as stop ends to brick on edge cappings.

Bullnose Bricks (BN)

Bullnose specials are used to soften the aesthetics and add protection and visual appeal to corner details, as well as on top of walls.

Capping & Coping Bricks (CP)

Capping & Coping specials are used to cap the tops of parapet or free standing walls to offer protection and visual appeal.

Plinth Bricks (PL)

Plinth specials are used to create a single or double course splay detail, allowing change in depth to brickwork.

Slips (SL), Sill, Rebated & Cuboid Bricks

Brick slip specials can transform the appearance of any wall, internal or external. Browse slip, sill, rebated and cuboid specials.

Soldier Bricks (SD)

Soldier specials are used as a complementary or contrasting brick detail to break up large areas of brickwork.

Railtrack Bricks

Railtrack specials are a truly traditional sized imperial brick, available in 3 sizes for authentic restoration projects.


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Guaranteed quality and value from Wienerberger

All our cut-and-bonded specials are produced with high-quality adhesives and complementary sands, ensuring long-term performance and providing a perfect match for our standard facing brick range.

To ensure our customers only ever receive the finest quality products, we exclusively offer performance guarantees on fabricated specials that are made in our production sites. Our production sites are also covered by an ISO 14001 Environmental Management System.

Another benefit of using our fabricated specials is our all-inclusive pricing. There’s a misconception that using bricks already on site to produce fabricated specials is the better value option, but this calculation usually doesn’t consider the initial cost of the component. Our prices cover the cost of the bricks, the manufacturing of the special shape and even delivery (dependent on volume).

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