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From creating sustainable, innovative homes to sensitively restoring historic landmarks, Wienerberger’s comprehensive range of building envelope solutions has been used in construction projects across the UK to make the built environment of the future. Our collection of architectural projects cover a vast range of building types, including prize-winning self-build homes, ground-breaking sustainable places of worship, urban regeneration initiatives that put the community first, and much more.

If you’re looking for architectural inspiration, our reference projects demonstrate what’s possible when you bring together cutting-edge design and market-leading materials. Search by building material type, project type, or view the full portfolio of construction case studies.

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Brick Projects

From traditional to contemporary, smooth to rustic, brick is as versatile as it is durable. Browse our range of brick architecture projects now.

Roof Projects

Discover roofing projects, from new-build developments to historic stately homes, that use our range of tiles and accessories.

Paver Projects

Browse our collection of landscape architecture projects that demonstrate the beauty and versatility of clay pavers.

Facades Projects

We are redefining the possibilities of cladding design. Learn how with our SVK and Corium architecture case studies.

Clay Block Projects

Discover a range of architectural projects, including certified Passivhaus designs, built with our Porotherm clay block walling.

Project Type

Explore our vast portfolio of projects from commercial to housing to interior design. 

Housing Projects

From traditional to contemporary designs, terraced to detached, our solutions have been used in every type of residential project to make the perfect home.

Commercial Projects

Browse our collection of commercial architecture projects, including healthcare, education, office buildings, cultural and religious centres, and retail.

Landscape Projects

Discover how our clay pavers can transform outside spaces and create harmony with surrounding architecture, with our landscape project collection.

Renovation Projects

Find out how our products helped breathe new life into beloved historic buildings. Browse the renovation projects now.

International Projects

Go beyond the UK and be inspired with mountain-side chalets, luxury hotels, ultra-modern apartment buildings, and much more.

Project Highlights

Discover the best architecture using Wienerberger solutions. Here we’ve compiled the award-winners and ground-breakers that take building design to the next level.

Explore our portfolio of architectural projects

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