Porotherm clay block walling system used on carrowbreck reference projecy
Clay block installation

Porotherm Multi-cellular Clay Block

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Our multi-cellular clay block walling system provides a drier, safer and more sustainable building solution than traditional blockwork, it provides a solid walling material that delivers clear performance, environmental and economical benefits.

The heart of the system, and the secret of the speed and efficiency when laying, is the precision engineered Porotherm clay blocks. The blocks are ground after firing which give them tight tolerances and enable the use of a thin joint mortar system. This is complemented by a unique interlocking vertical joint on the perpendicular end which also further reduces the need for mortar compared to traditional blockwork.

Why choose Porotherm clay blocks?

Clay is a versatile and natural raw material which has been used within construction for thousands of years, which is no surprise given durability and service life of the products. The multi-cellular structure of each block enables them to perform extremely well in terms of thermal efficiency, whilst maintaining the required strength characteristics for building.

The unique interlocking design of the blocks, paired with a thin joint mortar system, helps to minimise water and cement usage on site whilst also making for a cleaner working environment.


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