Porotherm clay block walling system used on carrowbreck reference projecy
Clay block installation

Clay block

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Our clay block walling system provides a faster, drier, safer and more sustainable building solution than traditional blockwork, it provides a solid walling material that delivers clear environmental and economical benefits. The heart of the system, and the secret of the speed and efficiency, is the precision engineered in Porotherm clay blocks. 


Build quicker with precision engineered clay blocks

A unique interlocking design removes the need for mortar in the vertical joint, allowing you to complete projects faster

Porotherm vs Traditional Concrete

Porotherm Comparison

Porotherm Timelapse

As a complete building solution, the Porotherm clay block wall system offers efficiencies that compare favourably against virtually every building fabric on the market.

The animated example shows how using Porotherm you can achieve a weather proof shell 17 days ahead of traditional concrete blocks and complete a residential build more than 30% faster

"Porotherm offered us the ability to complete the development three months earlier than we would normally have finished if we used another method of construction." - Clearview Homes technical manager, Richard Drury

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Versatile, fast, dry, safe and sustainable, only a few advantages of using Clay blocks.

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