Aquata permeable clay pavers

Permeable pavers

Drainage solutions for excess surface water is a vital consideration for new developments, particularly in urban areas where there is little green space and permeable ground. Wienerberger’s permeable paving options provide a controlled method of draining away rainwater, while also offering the performance and aesthetics of our standard clay pavers.

Find out how Aquata permeable clay pavers allow you to combine functionality with beautiful landscape design.

Why use permeable paving?

Risk of flooding in developed areas is a growing concern. Heavy rainfall can cause expensive damage to property, public spaces, transport and the economy. That’s why architects and designers need to incorporate sustainable urban drainage into new developments.

In rural areas, up to 95% of rainwater is reabsorbed into the ground, taken up by plants, diverted into waterways, or simply evaporated. However, in heavily developed urban area, this natural water cycle is disrupted, because there is less vegetation and less permeable ground to naturally reabsorb water. This causes excess surface water, leading to flooding, pollution and erosion.

To enable urban areas to cope with severe rainfall, Sustainable Drainage System technology, such as pervious paving solutions, should be incorporated into landscape design. By considering water runoff management early in the planning process, designers can fundamentally improve the quality and longevity of urban developments.

Aquata permeable paving

Aquata clay pavers are a versatile permeable paving solution for commercial and domestic projects. Combining a Dutch style paver aesthetic with a high-performance water drainage, Aquata pavers are both beautiful and functional, allowing you to integrate SuDS into your design without sacrificing the aesthetic of a project.

These natural clay pavers are precision engineered to drastically increase water reabsorption. One hectare of Aquata pavers allows 20,000 litres per second per hectare to infiltrate through the joints of the pavers into the ground. 

Available in four colours – black, brown, grey and red – these durable Dutch style pavers are colourfast and will keep their vibrant and rich tones even after exposure to extreme weather conditions.

Projects using Aquata permeable pavers

Brown clay permeable pavers with plant

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