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Innovative architectural facades are redefining the possibilities when it comes to cladding design. Whether it’s a residential or commercial project, modern building facades offer unrivalled versatility and performance, plus the ability to create just the right aesthetic for your development.

Wienerberger offers Corium brick tile cladding, which allows architects to create the look and feel of clay brick, but with the benefits of a modern facade system and is fully BBA-accredited.

Choosing a modern building facade solution give you the flexibility and freedom to play, experiment and realise new visions – transforming expectations of building envelope design. Discover how architects across the UK have used Corium systems to make their mark on the built environment of the future. Browse the collection of architectural facade projects now and be inspired for your next design.

Featured facade projects

Base, Manchester Science Park

See how Corium brick tile cladding helped deliver this innovative office building that heralds a new era of sustainable workspaces.

Weavers Quay and Flour Building

These urban redevelopment projects use a Corium brick tile facade system to create a unique aesthetic that complements Manchester's past and present.

South Thames College, London

This landmark urban regeneration project uses Corium brick tile cladding, helping to breathe new life into Wandsworth town centre.

Cambridge Central Mosque

This modern eco-mosque combines modern design and a traditional Islamic aesthetic, with an innovative facade design using Corium brick tile cladding.

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