In-roof solar panels on residential roof

The complete solar system for tomorrow's homes today

Sleek, seamless, and speedy - our in-roof solar system combines panels, inverters and batteries into a single comprehensive package. 

Ethically manufactured to SA8000 standard and BREcertified, our in-roof solar system is compatible with all Wienerberger roof tiles and fitted directly onto the roof battens. Zero-fuss installation takes less than a minute per panel, resulting in a contemporary aesthetic that performs as well as it looks. 

Designed to help projects meet Part L building regulations and future-proof new homes for the Future Homes Standard 2025, our in-roof solar package sets a new standard for modern roofing.

It's solar, made simple.

Everything you need for a solar roof

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  • Easy to use: To design your solar roof, simply input your roof dimensions and your kWp requirements.
  • Multiple elevation designs: Accommodate different elevations for the same property type, including single elevations.
  • Download bill of materials: Download a complete SKU list for comprehensive component access.
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Solar training & advice

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We offer a range of in-person and online training courses. Book your in-roof solar training now.

in-roof solar

MCS certified minimum roof pitch of 15 degrees


15 year product warranty* and a 25 year performance guarantee


Directly mounted - no trays required


Independently wind driven rain tested at the BRE


Fast, easy install with one-minute panel-to-panel connection


Seamlessly smart integrated solar panels with no mess


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*Sandtoft 15 year Roofspec offering incorporates both tiles and in-roof solar installation as a complete roof structure. Inverters have a 5 year warranty, batteries come with a 10 year manufacturer warranty

Why choose in-roof solar?

  • In-roof solar is MCS accredited at 15° pitch.
  • Independently tested for wind resistance, weatherproofing (BRE.MCS 012) and fire safety (BROOF [t4]).
  • The interlocking system provides protection from the elements, with a shingled design mimicking traditional roof tiles.

  • Easier to install than other conventional on roof and in roof systems.
  • Panel to panel connection is less than 1 minute.
  • Simple panel to panel connection guides the installer in to the correct position by simply pushing the panels together.
  • No specialist equipment is required. 

  • In-roof solar panels are lightweight and easy to carry.
  • A combination of strength and simplicity - each panel weighs only 8.95kg.
  • In-roof solar can be installed or removed in under one minute per panel.
  • Interlocking design provides superior strength and wind rating.

  • Thanks to its interlocking design the in-roof solar solution provides an easy and fast installation.
  • Minimal number of parts in comparison to other systems on the market.
  • Single lapped design, which mimics roof tiles. The timeless character of the traditional tiled roof is maintained and futureproofed.
  • No individual panel flashing is required due to interlocking design.

1. Aluminium flashing top (left, middle, right)

2. Seal strip 01

3. Aluminium flashing side (left & right)

4. Seal strip 02

5. IRT Panels (left, middle, right)

6. Mid-clamp (right & left)

7. Bottom edge

8. Aluminium flashing bottom (left, middle, right)

9. Self tapping screws

10. Lead replacement


Inverters for your solar system

We offer a range of inverters to provide you with a complete integrated solution.

From small residential installations to medium-sized commercial projects, all the way up to large-scale applications, our inverter options ensure optimum performance and seamless integration with your solar system.


Solar battery


Batteries for your solar system

By adding a battery to your system, you can store excess energy to use during peak demand or when the sun isn't shining. This allows you to take advantage of cheaper rates, rather than exporting excess energy to the grid and buying it back at higher prices.

Plus, including a battery in your solar roof system can help you meet Part L legislation and envisaged Future Homes Standard 2025 by reducing househould carbon emissions.


Case studies

Man in hard hat laying in-roof solar panel on roof

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*Sandtoft 15 year Roofspec offering incorporates both tiles and in-roof solar installation as a complete roof structure.


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