Exterior of building with long format brick facade

Long Format Bricks

Create projects that stand out from the crowd

Make a design statement with long format bricks from Wienerberger.

A growing number of architects and designers are using different brick dimensions, beyond the standard 215x65mm, to give their projects a distinctive aesthetic. Long format bricks are longer and thinner than standard UK bricks.

Wienerberger offers two ranges of long format bricks: the Roman and Megaline ranges. Available in a selection of different size formats, colours and finishes, these bricks enable architects and specifiers to create a striking visual effect on virtually any building.


New construction single family in Vlimmeren
Architect: Anja Vissers, Herentals


Property built in Roman Grey Waterstruck brick

The Roman Range

The Roman range offers a selection of contemporary colours with an attractive waterstruck texture.

Available in size formats from 400x40mm up to 510x40mm, our Roman long format bricks can be used for a whole façade or feature areas of a building. The combination of the contemporary brick dimensions, breadth of colours and distinctive texture make these bricks perfect for designers looking to give a feeling of exclusivity and prestige to a construction project.

Browse the Roman range below.


Roman Andreas (Lumina)


Roman Fortuna


Roman Dignita


Roman Maestra


Roman Patrice (Famosa)


Roman Optima


Roman Prisma



Reference photo new construction utility in Ledeberg
Bontinck architecture and engineering, John Bontinck, Sint-Denijs-Westrem

The Megaline Range

The Megaline range is ideal for creating contemporary designs with a crisp finish and sanded appearance.

Megaline long format bricks are manufactured using an extrusion process that gives the bricks a very precise shape, for a clean, modern aesthetic in the final build. They are available in a 288x88x48mm format, in a range of colours.

Browse the Megaline range below.


Megaline Orange Multi


Megaline Dark Red Multi


Megaline Graphite Black



New construction dental care practice | Gytsjerk, Friesland | Facade brick: Virtua VF and LF | Architect: Dorenbos Architects | Contractor: Salverda

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