Corium brick tile cladding on wall in red and yellow pattern
Corium cladding on exterior of building
Corium brick cladding in multi-coloured pattern with relief texture and lighting

Corium Bespoke Range

Unique to your scheme. Create the perfect look and feel for your facade design.

Corium is unlike other facade schemes in the market. Because it’s made from a manufactured tile, we can offer bespoke colours, textures and sizes to suit your project. Whatever you're envisaging for your facade scheme, we can create the perfect brick tile cladding to turn your vision into reality.

Start creating your ideal brick tile cladding scheme. Contact our expert specification team now.

Totally bespoke, unlimited creativity

Discover three steps to creating the perfect brick tiles for your Corium cladding design.

Step 1: Size

Create your own unique brick size

Our team of specialists can guide you though your design ideas, illustrate and prototype your bespoke Corium brick tile. Choose the perfect size, ranging from 50mm to 215mm high, as well as bricks that protrude for eye-catching relief schemes.

Size Options

Height (mm) - 50, 65, 140, 215

Length (mm) - 215 (other lengths available up to 327mm)

Thickness (mm) 32, 52, 80*

Tile lip thickness (mm) - 13

Step 2: Texture

Add depth and richness with texture

Choose from a range of different textures to augment your brick tile facade design. Select from sanded (light and heavy), broken and rustic edges, glazed, dragfaced and many more.

Adding a unique texture to a coloured surface can give a completely different aesthetic, creating an exceptional looking brick tile that makes your facade scheme stand out from the crowd.

Not sure what texture will complement your design? Speak to our specification team now for expert help and support.

Step 3: Colour

Any colour, complete creative freedom

An engobe is a liquid clay that is used for brushing or spraying over unfired clay brick tiles to give a high-quality finish and vibrant colour.

Whatever colour, we can create it using engobes. Plus, different spraying techniques give different effects and finishes, offering up a whole world of creative possibilities.

Discover the possibilities

Be inspired by unique designs using Corium brick tile cladding, or contact us today to start turning your ideas into reality.

* CWCT tested but not included in BBA certification

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