Nom du fichier            	:DSC_0005.JPG
 Taille du fichier         	:2.5MB (2598806 octets)
 Date                      	:Ven 30 mai 2003 13:28:03
 Taille de l'image         	:3008 x 1960
 R solution                	:300 x 300 ppp
 Nombre de bits            	:8 bits/canal
 Attribut de Protection    	:D sactiv 
 ID de l'appareil          	:N/A
 Appareil                  	:NIKON D1X
 Mode de qualit            	:FINE
 Mode de mesure            	:Multizones
 Mode d'exposition         	:Programme auto
 Speedlight                	:D sactiv 
 Distance focale           	:130.0 mm
 Vitesse d'obturation      	:1/180 secondes
 Ouverture                 	:F6.7
 Correction d'exposition   	:-0.7 EV
 Balance des blancs        	:Lumi re du jour
 Objectif                  	:70-200 mm F2.8
 Mode synchro-flash        	:N/A
 Diff rence d'exposition   	:0.0 EV
 Programme d calable       	:Non
 Sensibilit                	:ISO125
 Renforcement de la nettet 	:Moyen
 Type d'image              	:Couleur
 Mode couleur              	:Mode I (sRVB)
 Saturation                	:3
 Contr le Saturation       	:N/A
 Compensation des tons     	:Moyen
 Latitude (GPS)            	:N/A
 Longitude (GPS)           	:N/A
 Altitude (GPS)            	:N/A

Roof Projects

Discover the possibilities through our roofing projects which were created using our market-leading range of roofing tiles and roofing systems

We constantly strive to reimagine roofing. Our beautiful catalogue of roof projects showcases the broad range that our clay and concrete roof tiles can be used for, from small scale installations to more complex projects and everything in between. Our portfolio of roofing products is the largest in the UK, whether it be bespoke or from our heritage team, and has enhanced performance and aesthetic on developments across the country. 

Constructed between 1500 and 1520, The Vyne is a spectacular Tudor mansion steeped in rich history, with many fascinating stories taking place under its roof. When storms hit hard in Winter 2015, the roof started to fail and The Vyne had to be rescued using Keymer Tradcitional Antique Plain tiles.

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Caring Wood is a country home for three generations of the same family, incorporating formal, communal and private spaces with a roof of Keymer roof tiles. 

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Wienerberger’s New Rivius slate appearance roof tiles, part of the New Generation portfolio, have been used to stunning effect on this substantial self build project.

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WDH used  Sandtoft concrete tiles from Wienerberger to bring new lease of life to properties on Priordale Road for essential roof renovations.

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