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Launching a new time-saving digital tool for UK Roofers

The days of having to painstakingly visit, measure and spec out each roof for every single quote are numbered. Wienerberger’s new, free All4Roof tool lets roofers survey and specify full roof solutions, and much more.  

Designed with ease and speed of use in mind, the tool has been tested extensively by a number of independent roofers and NFRC members. Now open to all, we invite roofers to sign up and try out the tool by creating their own projects.

Often using a wide range of tools and online programs, roofers will need to take into account a number of important parameters when planning, designing and costing a client’s roof – roof shape, dimensions, geographical parameters, model of roof tile, fixing specification etc, as well as the building regulations and location needs. All4Roof brings all these elements together and stores and tracks plans, projects and quotes for easy access and sharing with the end client if desired – all backed up with the additional, optional extra of a 10 or 15-year manufacturer-backed roofspec® guarantee.

How does All4Roof work?

All4Roof uses Google Earth as a foundation, letting you find the roof you need to survey using just a postcode or address. Once you’ve pinpointed the property, you can select the roof elements in All4Roof and it will automatically measure the distances and record them for you. From there, you simply move onto selecting the right products for the project.

As long as you have the basic information to hand, you can survey the external elements of the roof remotely, creating and sending a quote without ever needing to set foot onto the property. This may help your clients feel safer, and it can save you time and make your service more efficient, too.

All the outputs you would expect

All4Roof brings digital specification tools to all roofers. It provides all the elements you need to survey a roof – the wind-load calculations, the fixing spec, the quantity estimate, etc. You can even choose to back it up by a 10 or 15-year manufacturer-backed roofspec® guarantee, which will help you incentivise the client with more than just a price – you are also selling peace of mind.

We’ve combined all our specification tools in one simple to use package, making it quicker and easier to ensure your projects are designed and built to highest standards.

Within All4Roof our project calculator combines the following:

  • roofspec® - Generate clauses to ensure that your roof is built to the latest standards, providing you with a requirements document.
  • quantspec® - Get an estimate of the quantities needed for the complete roof system.
  • fixspec® - Calculate a fixing specification based on the British Standard for Slating and Tiling requirements of BS5534 and BS6399.

Simple, professional communication with your clients

All4Roof will eventually replace our previous online quoting tools and is one of the most comprehensive and advanced in the market. It has been designed with roofers in mind, to make life easier and make roofers look as professional as possible. Here’s how All4Roof can help:

  • Personalise all the outputs from the tool to include your logo and create your own templates simply and easily.
  • All contact information will be stored within the tool and a suite of fully customisable professional terms and conditions will be applied to quotes to help protect you.
  • Detailed visualisation tool lets you generate quotes quickly and easily for all roof shapes and extensions.
  • Create and store project information for all clients and prospects – you can upload and save associated documents such as plans, to keep everything in one, easy-to-access, place.
  • You can send All4Roof quotes directly to your clients, allowing you to track and trace your leads and follow up easily should you need to chase them.
  • The tool allows you to send BOMs for confirmed jobs to your chosen merchants so that you can ensure you are ordering everything you need.

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