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Manufactured Extruded Brick Slips

The manufactured extruded brick slip range is a high-quality brick slip with both tight tolerance and low water absorption offering high levels of consistency throughout the build process. Manufactured extruded brick slips conform to EN14411 achieving a very tight size tolerance which is ideal for both off-site and on-site installations where productivity and labour costs are important. The slips offer a reduction in embodied carbon over traditional bricks, and with less water usage during construction provide an overall cleaner build.

Manufactured extruded brick slips are a perfect choice for ETICS and EWI suppliers, pre-cast producers and modular system manufacturers. The slips are purpose-made meaning a significant wastage saving is achieved in comparison to cut brick slips, as well as offering an impressive A1 fire rating. The brick slip range offers excellent environmental and technical credentials alongside effective cost reduction and performance gains. Take a more in-depth look at manufactured extruded brick slips below to discover how you can profit from the numerous impressive benefits the range has to offer.

Features and Benefits of Manufactured Extruded Brick Slips

  • Reduced embodied CO2 and reduction in CO2 from transport - Less material per m2.
  • Lighter product and easier to handle than traditional bricks.
  • Tight size tolerances (+/-2mm) - precise corners available.
  • Low water absorption (less than 3% water absorption).
  • High standard of fire safety (A1 fire rating).
  • Fully frost resistant.
  • More cost effective than traditional cut brick slips.
  • Slips can be assembled off-site, reducing on-site labour.
  • Conforms to EN14411 EWI system.

The Manufactured Extruded Slip Range

The core range comes available in two different thicknesses (9mm and 14mm) both of which match with UK size format (215x65mm). A variety of colour and texture options are available across three product categories (Armis, Pelaris and Fasanis) ranging from white through to black and finishes including smooth, sanded and rolled. However, if our colour range doesn't quite match your requirements, manufactured extruded brick slips are also available in an array of bespoke colours and blends, available to order upon request. 

View the core range below and pick a brick slip to match your next project:

Armis – Smooth Finish

All products available in 9mm and 14mm thickness

Brown, red and yellow

Rum Brown


Mandarin Red


Garnet Red


Hansa Red


Cardinal Red


Venetian Red


Persian Red


Blush Red


Sunset Red


Melon Yellow


Mango Yellow


Honey Yellow


Black, grey and white

Night Black


Smoky Grey


Root Grey


Gun Grey


Cosmic Grey


Desert Grey


Morning Grey


Ming White


Cotton White


Pelaris – Rustic Finish

All products available in 9mm and 14mm thickness

Root Black


Erie Black


Pecan Brown


Maroon Brown


Copper Brown


Maca Red


Peru Red


Vivid Red


Dim Grey


Mantis White/Cream


Fasanis – Sanded Finish

All products available in 9mm and 14mm thickness

Zebra White


Papaya Yellow


Spicy Red


Technical Data

Size and Weight Information

Brick Slip


Corner Return


Soffit Return


Product Group

Brick Slip

Brick Slip

Corner Return

Corner Return

Soffit Return

Soffit Return

Thickness (mm)







Dimension (mm x mm)

215 x 65

215 x 65

215 x 65 / 102 x 65

215 x 65 / 102 x 65

215 x 102 / 215 x 65

215 x 102 / 215 x 65

Pieces (m2)







Weight (gr.)







Technical Data

Technical Properties

Reaction to Fire

Durability (Freeze/ Thaw)

Tolerance in Length and Height +/- 2 % to a Maximum of +/- 4 mm

Thermal Shock Resistance

Tolerance (Surface/Flatness) +/- 1.5 %

Water Absorption

Pore Radius

Pore Volume

Surface Quality



Passed – EN ISO 10545-12

Passed – EN ISO 10545-2

Passed – EN ISO 10545-9

Passed – ISO 10545-2

< 3% - Passed EN ISO 10545-3

> 0,2 μm - Passed DIN 66 133:1993-06

> 20 mm3/g - Passed DIN 66 133:1993-06

A minimum of 95% of the brick slips shall be free from visible defects that would impair the appearance of a major area of brick slips 

Featuring Ammonit tiles (not Corium)

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