Interior of building renovation in progress
Exterior of building renovation

Transforming empty spaces into new homes with Habitat for Humanity

As part of Wienerberger UK & Ireland's ongoing partnership with Habitat for Humanity, we have donated Porotherm blocks, bricks, and pavers to their ‘Empty Spaces for Homes’ pilot scheme in East London, which aims to prevent homelessness by repurposing empty commercial spaces into social housing for vulnerable individuals. To date, Habitat have renovated empty spaces into homes in London, England and Warsaw and the Silesian Region in Poland. Construction is also currently underway on more properties, including new locations in Scotland, Ireland, and Germany.

Habitat for Humanity estimates that there are 7,000 commercial buildings owned by UK local authorities that have been empty for more than a year. Transforming these empty spaces could provide some of the hundreds of thousands of new homes that are needed each year to combat levels of homelessness, overcrowding and unaffordability. This effort will empower marginalised people and families and make it easier for them to achieve strength, security, stability, and self-reliance. 

To aid them in their efforts, Wienerberger donated 888 of our Porotherm blocks and ZeroPlus Mortar, 4,000 London Stock bricks, 1,200 Blue Class B Engineering bricks, and 1,120 of our Munster Red Brindle paver. These products will help Habitat for Humanity renovate one empty property which will provide four young people leaving the foster care system a place to call home and help them transition into independent living.

“Working with Habitat for Humanity gave us the opportunity to think very deeply about the accommodation needs of young people leaving care,” said Andrew Borwick-Fox Childrens Care and Support Services Manager, London Borough of Barking and Dagenham. “It has enabled us to reconsider our options with private providers and to have the skills and confidence to partner with organisations like Habitat and M&G to do things differently and to do things better.” 


All images courtesy of Habitat for Humanity.


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