Beautifully Different

Gardenstyle Vida, series 3 - 2014 - gardens. Pavers series: Wienerberger Vida series.
Gardenstyle Natura, series 3 - 2014 - gardens. Pavers series: Wienerberger  Natura series.
Gardenstyle Designa, series 3 - 2014 - gardens. Pavers series: Wienerberger Designa series.

Transform your garden this summer

Expand your living space outside and discover what makes Wienerberger clay paving beautifully different
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Be Inspired

Looking to revitalise your garden and need some guidance on what to do next?
Explore the four themes below using our colourful and long lasting clay pavers as the foundation for achieving a beautiful outdoor living space this summer.

1. Traditionally Rustic

Let other garden elements shine with a traditional paving design

Inspired by beautifully landscaped gardens from bygone eras, the classic garden aesthetic will never go out of style. Paving in a traditional laying pattern with rustic surface textures can bring an enduring appeal to gardens great and small.

Traditional, rustic textured pavers blend in beautifully with a classic garden scheme. Clay pavers will keep their vibrant colour for a lifetime but a tumbled texture offers a subtle aged look.

2. Contemporary

Effortless paving that creates an impact

If your personal style is simple and minimal, the clean lines and uncomplicated colour scheme of a contemporary garden design will be right up your street. Play with geometry and striking shapes to create a sense of modern luxury.

Clay paving in darker tones of grey work perfectly with a more contemporary garden. Don’t be afraid to mix different coloured pavers together to create a unique and eye-catching paving design. Clay pavers are colour-fast so you don’t need to worry about fading.

3. Organic

Choose natural materials for a growing garden

If you prefer an untamed, flourishing green space to a polished and stripped back outdoor area, then the organic garden design is for you. Inspired by the colours, textures and materials that are found in nature, this look is ideal for keen gardeners and those who want to keep a little bit of wilderness in their outdoor spaces.

Clay pavers in earthy colours are ideal for creating a natural looking path that looks at home running through your organic garden.

4. Vibrant

A garden to enhance your life

Made for Living - Be inspired by your favourite holiday destination and the characterful outdoor spaces enjoyed in warmer climes. Make the most of the sunny weather by creating the ideal family space to entertain, eat, play and relax.

Use clay pavers to create a winding path or a practical patio area. Pavers in earthy tones such as oranges, reds and browns can bring warmth and liveliness to your garden or driveway.

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Beautifully Different

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