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Architectural and Urban Design Studio

Our Architectural and Urban Design Studio is a full-service architectural practice offering a turnkey solution for projects across the UK. Qualified, experienced architects and technicians can deliver a full range of services from outline masterplanning and feasibility through to completion. Our team can support you throughout every stage of the design and construction process from planning guidance, survey requirements, product specification and on-site support and inspections during construction.  


Strategic Definition & Preparation and Brief

Through initial site visits and reviews of the existing brief, plans and layouts we work with you to define and determine project expectations including potential house types, layout, and numbers. We discuss options including palette, materials, general aesthetics and landscaping strategies as well as outlining key planning considerations.

This initial engagement defines the client's project brief and establishes the working relationship and appointment of the Architectural and Urban Design Studio to develop your site masterplan and initial design. 

Design Development

Initial Concept Design & Developed Planning Design

Engaging with the local authorities and specialist consultants at an early stage allows us to provide a greater understanding of the specific requirements and constraints of each project. We will assemble an experienced design team, or use any consultants preferred by the client, in order to approach all design aspects required to produce efficient and timely concept designs.  

The developed design involves the creation of all required documentation in order to submit for planning.  Either submitted by us or yourself, this generally includes surveys, Site layouts, elevations, plans, sections, Visualisations, and all supplementary planning documentation, such as design and access statements and Listed Building Consents, required to support the submission. 


Technical Design

Once planning has been secured, we develop a scheme detail ahead of the Building Control submission. Working with the Local Authority to review and discharge any conditions or additional requirements to satisfy planning and develop a performance specification to ensure compliance with these during construction.

All specialist designers work is incorporated into the masterplan via the Building Information Modelling (BIM) model to provide a single source of information. Using our Common Data Environment (CDE) we share this information with the construction team to enable them to tender for the works and begin to develop the site.  



Once work on-site has started we work closely with the client, or contractor as required, in order to provide any further information which may be required. We also undertake inspections in order to ensure compliance with the agreed and approved scheme, and liaise directly with Building Control or Approved Inspectors whenever required. Should Wienerberger products be used during construction, our specialist site team will inspect the construction to ensure it complies with Wienerberger’s standards. 

Close Out and In Use

Project Handover and In Use

If included within the contract, we will issue the BIM model to you for ongoing maintenance.  If Wienerberger products have been installed in accordance with our guidelines,  you can apply through our website for either the HomeSpec or RoofSpec manufacturers guarantee.

Our eco-house design and specification supports the principles of energy-efficient housing within community-led developments to ensure quality housing for future generations.  In conjunction with the British Research Establishment (BRE), we have built an eco-house on their Campus in Watford which showcases our current design and is open to the public. 

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Building Information Modelling (BIM) is about much more than a 3D model, it is about collaborative, sustainable design which minimizes its impact on the environment and provides flexible solutions adaptable to our changing World. We are proud to have secured BIM Level 2 Accreditation in support of our ongoing commitment to sustainable design, read more here. 

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