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Paving Our Way

At Wienerberger, we've been working with clay for 200 years. You may have heard of us as a manufacturer of bricks and roof tiles, but a lesser known fact is that we manufacture landscaping products too.
Over the years, we’ve found the paver selection is just as vital a consideration as the bricks and roof tile choice for a development as they have the ability to really transform a project, especially when combined with other complimentary building blocks.
Take a fresh look at paving, our way.

Beautiful design options

Our clay paver portfolio

  • We offer a wide range of colour options as well as an array of textures, allowing you to create a paver blend that will suit any design.
  • The rich colour of our clay pavers lasts a lifetime, hundreds of years if you put a number against it, whilst man-made materials will fade over time. Due to exposure to atmospheric conditions and UV rays from the sun.

High traffic environments

Slip resistance value

  • Clay Pavers are able to cope with consistently high footfall without impacting aesthetic or performance. 
  • Our clay paving range are SRV (Slip resistance value) classification U3 due to their natural texture surface and highly abrasive characteristic.

Sustainable by nature

Circular economy design

  • Our clay pavers embed circular economy design principles in the built environment. 
  • Clay is a material we can reuse and recycle. Most of our clay is sourced from the Netherlands, where we work with specialist organisations to ensure our clay extraction methods are not only sustainable but provide a positive contribution to the nation’s management of flood plains and rivers. Find out more about the story of clay. 

Quick installation, easy maintenance

How to install clay paving

  • There are often misconceptions around the difficulty of laying clay pavers. View our step by step guide on how to install clay paving.
  • Clay is a material that’s inherently hard-wearing and simple to maintain, the usual method of maintenance is hosing down and sweeping the pavers clean. A little light scrub with detergent will clean the pavers up and leave them looking refreshed and brand new.

Case studies

Take a look at our commercial project case studies for inspiration.

The education reform – using Wienerberger's Rosa Waterstruck Clay Pavers to create an iconic, holistic and contemporary university space.

South Gardens is a community of 360 new homes which makes up the first element of Lendlease’s Elephant Park Masterplan housing development.

Wienerberger's Siena , Mastiek and Auraton clay pavers helped to create a beautiful new environment at Telford's waterside retailscape.

The Clay Paver Book

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Paving our Way

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