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Residential Brick Slips

Create the exposed brick look within your own home 

An extremely versatile cladding solution, brick slips offer a quick and easy way to transform the appearance of internal or external walls.

In recent years, the interior design trend for exposed brick has gained momentum, and that trend is no longer limited to the fireplace. Whether it’s the kitchen, the living room, the bedroom, the hallway or the bathroom, the effect of natural clay brick can bring a real touch of class to your home.

Additionally, when it comes to exterior cladding, brick slips can not only upgrade the appearance of a building, but also potentially adds value to your home. As our brick slips are made from natural alluvial clay, they offer similar low maintenance and durability benefits to our standard bricks.


The bedrooom is a place for relaxation and rejuvenation; a place that should feel natural, secure and suited to your individual style. So, bring your boudoir to life and choose from a variety of bricks slips, from a modern glazed or smooth finish to a more traditional style with rustic charm. 


When it comes to bathrooms, rick slips can effortlessly blend modern features with traditional architecture. Whether your stile is traditional or modern, opulent or minimalist, we offer a variety of brick slips to compliment all features, from vintage-style toilets to chrome fitting and LED lighting. 


Whether your style is edgy and industrial, clean and minimalist or warm and cosy, brick slips can transform your living room into a spectacular space. Create a classic exposed brick fireplace or a full brick feature wall, and give your lounge a new look and feel that suits your style.


The kitchen is the heart of the home; a space that should fill you with inspiration, feel natural and breed creativity. From brick backsplashes to breath-taking feature walls, the diversity of our brick slip offering means you can easily find a match for any feature, from a traditional Belfast sink to modern breakfast bars.


You only get once chance at a first impressions, so make yours count with an exposed brick feature in your hallway. With our extensive selection of authentic clay brick slips in a range of colours, finishes and formats, you're sure to find something that sets the right tone for your home. 


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