Waterstruck bricks against a red background

Waterstruck Bricks

What are Waterstruck Bricks?

Waterstruck bricks offer a unique soft texture replicating the aged look of reclaimed bricks, but with the technical performance of new bricks. Wienerberger provides the widest range of waterstruck bricks available in the UK, with an extensive choice of colours and sizes available to suit any project.

Waterstruck bricks are growing in popularity. Their unique character offers outstanding versatility which means they can create beautiful buildings in both modern and traditional styles, on projects ranging from housing developments to large scale commercial schemes.  

How are Waterstruck Bricks made?

Waterstruck bricks have a unique texture as a result of the use of water within the moulding and demoulding process.

Using a traditional softmud process, wet clay is pressed into moulds lubricated with water to prevent sticking. Excess clay is then struck from the top of the moulds, hence the term “waterstruck”. This produces a distinctive natural texture and a striking rustic aesthetic unachievable through any other manufacturing process.

The inimitable finish can add real character to buildings, while our extensive choice of colours provides outstanding versatility. The combined result is a brick range that is synonymous with premium quality and an upmarket aesthetic.

Our Waterstruck Brick Projects

Modern brick house

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