Monolithic Porotherm range

Monolithic clay block system

Precision engineered clay blocks

As a natural clay product, Porotherm blocks are safe and non-harmful for use in any housing project, and when plastered they can achieve excellent air tightness and thermal performance. The Porotherm Monolithic system gives you the ability to construct a water-tight structure by taking the external leaf off critical path, where appropriately designed.

Porotherm Monolithic is a product system that provides a solid wall construction. The blocks are thicker and can be used in place of the usual cavity system, meaning there are no cavity blocks required. The blocks can be finished with render or brick slips.


T7 - 365 MW Half Block


T7 - 490 MW Half Block


T8 / T9 - 425 Half Block


T9 425 (6N)


T7 - 425 MW


T7 - 490 MW


T9 425 (8N)


T7 - 425 MW Half Block


T9 365 (6N)


T9 365 (8N)


T8 / T9 - 365 Half Block


T7 - 365 MW


PFZ T 240


Porotherm ZWP Plan T- 115-1.2


Porotherm ZWP-Plan-T 115


Porotherm Plan-T 17.5-0.8


Porotherm Plan-T 24.0-0.8


Porotherm Plan T- 175-1.2


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A modern construction method with the reassuringly traditional values of clay, the Porotherm Monolithic System gives you the ability to construct a water-tight structure, when designed appropriately.
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Quality & Performance

Discover the benefits of using a Monolithic clay block walling system

  • Use one block in place of multiple components in the Monolithic system.
  • Blocks are ground to -/+0.5mm – precision engineered.
  • Thermal, sound and strength performance.
  • Interlocking nib system for vertical joint – less time and mortar used.
  • Less water used due to thin joint mortar system and no vertical joint.
  • Safety – less mortar used on site.
  • No need to wait for external facing brick.


Monolithic clay block accessories

We offer everything you need to start using monolithic clay block walling. With the Monolithic system accessories, you can solve structural sticking points easily, safely and economically. The high-tech accessory bricks reduce your working time, are cost-efficient and sustainable. We have a technical department available to help with any building requirements. Contact us to find out more.

Monolithic rollers

Four types of rollers are available to cover the different block sizes available in the UK range.


Blocks are supplied with the relevant amount of mortar with order, with an option to upgrade to the Zero Plus mortar that is more suitable for the UK's colder winter months.


Engineered to increase air tightness and to optimise the sound and thermal performance of Porotherm clay blocks, for use prior to dry lining.

Man wearing hard hat looking at Porotherm clay block wall

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