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SVK Fibre Cement Facade Range

New dimensions of colour and texture.

SVK Fibre Cement Cladding

SVK fibre cement cladding opens up new dimensions of design possibilities, going beyond brick and block to create facades that stand out in shape and form, colour and texture – enabling architects to realise new visions and reimagine experiences.

Designs within the SVK facade panel range can be used in isolation and combined with complementary or contrasting colours and finishes to create a variety of shapes, patterns and visual concept for architectural cladding. The aesthetic possibilities for facade projects are unlimited.

The SVK fibre cement facade panel collection includes a number of decorative ranges:-

  • Puro Plus

  • Decoboard Classic

  • Decoboard Elements

  • Decoboard Pure

  • Ornimat 

  • Colormat Classic

  • Colormat Scripto

  • Colormat Touch

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Please note that these product images are for illustrative purposes only with lighting conditions often having a significant effect on the colour of each panel. We would always recommend ordering a sample to assess the true colour of the material.

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Puro Plus

Striking and naturalistic

Puro Plus is fibre cement cladding in its simplest form, offering a distinctive aesthetic choice. 

Puro Plus panels let the natural beauty and texture of cement take centre stage, with no covering or coating. Lightly sanded and air-dried for a striking grey concrete effect, unique colour variations are created as the weather and environment interact with each external cladding panel over time. Over time, no panel will look quite the same.


Contemporary and Durable

Decoboard Classic

The Decoboard Classic collection offers a contemporary facade finish that meets the very highest quality demands. This exterior cladding range features a colour palette of strong greys in a smooth, matte finish. If your project requires a broader spectrum of colour, bespoke rainscreen cladding panels can also be manufactured in almost any RAL or NCS colour (minimum order quantity applies).

Boasting a 10-year colour guarantee, each Decoboard Classic board is finished with three coats of UV-resistant acrylic paint on its face, with a water-based coating protecting the rear-side. Colour matched Decoboard paint is available for painting panel edges or carrying out maintenance.

Decoboard Elements

For those looking to inject some bold colour into a facade scheme using rainscreen panels, the Decoboard Elements collection offers a selection of long-lasting bright tones which bring visual impact alongside high performance.

Decoboard Pure

Decoboard Pure delivers the distinctive design appeal of natural stone, but with all the performance advantages of fibre cement as an exterior wall cladding material.

Featuring a subtle, clouded stone effect in three versatile grey shades, Decoboard Pure is a coated panel with natural-looking colour variation and texture built in. This means it won’t be affected by the elements over time, like the uncoated Puro Plus product. 

Finished with a UV-resistant transparent or semi-transparent coating (depending on colour option chosen), this low maintenance collection benefits from a soft, glossy appearance and 10-year colour guarantee. 


Colour from all angles

Whether your external cladding project requires neutral tones to complement the surrounding environment or a bright and bold shade to make a strong visual impact, the Ornimat collection of cladding boards offers the best of both worlds within its Essentials and Elements colour collections.

To create a beautifully smooth and durable finish, the fibre cement core of each Ornimat cladding panel is coated with a water-based, UV-resistant, matte polyurethane paint, machine-coloured right to the edge for a uniform look. This offers a high quality, colourfast surface treatment with a 10-year colour guarantee. Ornimat panels can be painted on both sides, making it perfect for single-skin applications such as balconies. 

Delivering true design flexibility, this wide range of designs doesn’t finish with a portfolio of standard colours, as Ornimat fibre cement panel orders of over 50m² can be manufactured in almost any RAL or NCS colour. Colour matched Ornimat paint is available for painting panel edges or carrying out maintenance.


Texture and Variety

Colormat through-coloured fibre cement boards combine a soft and neutral colour palette with a variety of textures for a modern cladding solution that will stand the test of time.

Colormat boards are fully-tinted during the manufacturing process, with pigment running throughout each panel. The finishing touch is a water-repellent, transparent protective layer for extra durability and an easy to clean finish.

Colormat Classic

Available in a range of soft pastel and neutral tones, the lightly sanded texture and fine-lined pattern adds extra subtle detail and variation to each Colormat Classic through-coloured panel.

Colormat Scripto

Deeply sanded with a distinct lined pattern, Colormat Scripto fibre cement boards are designed to add character and texture to building facades. A stunning effect can be created very simply by alternating the direction of the lined texture from panel to panel across a surface.

Colormat Touch

Unlike Colormat Classic and Scripto with their lined structure, the Touch collection has a soft, almost velvety look and feel. Available in three neutral shades, each panel has a wrinkled surface texture and matte finish.

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