Eaves Ventilation System

The Wienerberger Sandtoft range of eaves ventilation products provides cost effective and discreet roof space ventilation at low level

Sandtoft over fascia ventilation provides continuous ventilation and insulation retention irrespective of rafter centres and soffit width.

Eaves Ventilation System 

The over fascia ventilation strip provides effective resistance to large insects and driving rain. 

The spacer tray provides a clear air path over the insulation irrespective of soffit width and roof pitch. The underlay support tray prevents sagging of the underlay behind the fascia and eliminates the problem of long-term deterioration of the underlay at the eaves. 

Components: Kits to suit 6m of eave

  • Over Fascia Ventilator Strips (10mm or 25mm) 
  • Spacer Tray (not included in 25mm kit)
  • Underlay Support Tray 

Sold Separately: 

  • Bird Comb Filler (for use with specific profiled tiles)


The 10mm and 25mm over fascia ventilator strips provide 10,000mm² and 25,000mm2 per linear metre respectively.  


An image of a continuous dry verge product.

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