Sandtoft Roll Hip System

The Sandtoft Roll Hip system is an extremely quick rollout system. Hip joints are available to suit most Sandtoft concrete, Duracoat and clay hip profiles and provide an effective seal between each hip ridge, giving the appearance of a 10mm mortar joint. 

Roll Hip
Roll Hip

Components: Kits to suit 6m of hip

  • Ventilated Hip Roll 
  • Hip Joints 
  • Batten Straps 
  • Screws, Washers & Plates 

Sold Separately: 

  • Hip Tray (1m)
  • Tail & Head Clips

Available in three options for use with

  • Concrete & Duracoat® Segmental Ridges 457mm 
  • Concrete & Duracoat® Multi Angle Ridges 457mm 
  • Clay Third Round Ridges 305 – 355mm 

Suitable for use with most clay, concrete tiles and slates (excluding sandfaced tiles). 

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