Top Abutment Ventilation

The Sandtoft top abutment ventilation system provides a neat and discreet way of ventilating the roof space at a top abutment.

The system comprises of 1m vent units that click together, fillers can then be attached to the vent units for profiled tiles. Once the vent units are fixed in place a WBLR or lead flashing can be dressed into place.

Components: Kits to cover 6m of top abutment  

  • Top abutment vent units
  • Screws 
  • Washers  

Sold separately: Profile filler kits to suit 12m of top abutment  

  • Profile fillers to suit profiled tiles  


Top abutment vent provides 5,000mm2/linear metre free vent area  


  • Concrete: Plain Tile, Lindum, Standard Pattern, Shire Pantile, Calderdale Edge, Dual Calderdale Edge, TLE, Dual TLE, Double Roman, Double Pantile
  • Clay: Humber, Village, Alban, Barrow, Goxhill, Traditional Plain Tile, Shire Plain Tile, Peg Tile, 20/20, Balmoral, Cassius, Rivius, Olympus, County, Neo Pantile, 301, 303, Vauban, Actua 
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