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Find out how architects across the UK are re-envisaging modern semi-detached homes

Semi-detached houses, where the house shares one adjoining wall with its neighbour, are a popular building design in modern Britain, offering space-saving benefits while still satisfying residents’ desire for privacy.

Semi-detached homes have long been a symbol of suburbia, representing a compromise between more expensive detached houses and the terraces or apartment blocks of more urban areas where land is scarce. But modern architects are thinking beyond the semi’s suburban roots, re-imagining how a semi-detached house design looks and functions.

Discover how a homeowner in Nottingham transformed a tired 1980s mews house into a modern beauty. See how innovative architects overcame a complex site, where development had previously failed due to viability constraints, to build 29 homes with parking and landscaping. Learn how the architects of the multiple award-winning Seven Acres completely redefined semi-detached housing with a cutting-edge modern aesthetic and sustainable ethos.

Browse the collection of case studies and be inspired with what’s possible in semi-detached housing design. 

Ogle Drive

Situated on the park estate near Nottingham Castle, this mews house renovation transformed this 1980s house into a beautiful, energy-efficient home.

Heath Lodge

Built on a complex site with multiple constraining factors, this modern semi-detached development defies its limitations and breaks the mould.

Seven Acres

This award-winning development combines semi-detached and terraced houses with a bold modern aesthetic and sustainable design.

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    Project using Marziale brick to replace the original external skin of a house with a crafted brick wall that incorporates pattern, brick projection and proportion to create a new decorative facade.

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